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How to Make Sure Your Business Is Safe And Secure

Joseph Lalonde

Keep track of any keys or fobs used. Keys and key fobs will always pose a security risk in the business, because they are easily misplaced and lost. This is a contributed post to For more information on contributing a post, please see our contributing policies.

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Renovating Office Space

Strategy Driven

Additionally, you should consider security measures such as key cards or fobs that can be given to your staff. There might come a time when as a business owner or commercial landlord you will need to make renovations to some office space.

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Ten Years After Ford’s Spectacular Turnaround, What Alan Mulally Reveals About Brand-Inspired Cultural Revolution

Great Leadership By Dan

By identifying “300 different characteristics—from the chirps on the electronic key fob to the clunk of a closing door—that define the personality of its vehicles,” Ford developed a common design language that made it easier to develop single products to sell in all markets. Guest post from Denise Lee Yohn: It's been 10 years since Alan Mulally pulled off what has been considered one of the greatest corporate turnarounds in U.S. history.

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Even the best changes involve loss

Change Starts Here

The key fobs didn’t work, and when he locked the door manually, one of the locks made a funny sound. I was reminded this week that all changes – no matter how good – come with a sense of loss. We bought a car. After 9 years, my husband’s SUV seemed to have more non-working parts than working parts. The air conditioning (essential in Atlanta) occasionally stopped working. And don’t get me started on the noises it made.

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Generation to Generation: How to Save the Family Business

Harvard Business Review

Consider this: In the United States alone, family-owned businesses (FOBs) are responsible for 60% of total US employment and generate 78% of all new jobs. Given the vast impact of FOBs on every economy in the world, we were keen to learn if there were differences between the boards and governance practices of family and non-family owned companies. A similar percentage held advanced degrees: 75% of FOB directors and 77% of non-FOB directors. 56% of non-FOB directors).

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6 Mistakes to Avoid During a Personal Injury Claim

Strategy Driven

It’s your health and wellbeing at stake, so don’t be fobbed off by being allocated a law firm by an insurance company without checking that they are the best people for the job.

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Join Me at Catalyst Conference 2011

Ron Edmondson

Use Rate Code FOB and receive a ticket price of $199 (savings of $120 off regular prices). Will you join me at Catalyst Conference 2011? You won’t want to miss the Catalyst Conference, happening October 5-7, 2011 in Atlanta, where 13,000 young leaders will converge for the leadership experience of the year, including high-octane speakers, powerful worship, innovative programming, and an experience unlike any other.

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The Key to Better Cybersecurity: Keep Employee Rules Simple

Harvard Business

They also recommend multi-factor authentication, such as codes sent to smartphones and key fobs. Emma Todd/Getty Images. It’s a common adage that employees are the weak link in corporate cybersecurity. But I believe they are also the best defense, if they are given policies that are easy to follow and not too numerous and complex. Employee security training and best practices need to be user friendly and simple to be effective.

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How to Protect Your Professional Edge

Strategy Driven

Just click the fob on your keychain and listen for that telltale beep. Not only do we have access to countless types of media and information created by others, we are now able to record, organize, and recall our own personal information in more ways than ever before possible. If you can’t remember where you parked your car, it’s not a problem. If you lose your iPhone or iPad, again, it’s not a problem.

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Marketing for the Extremely Shy

Harvard Business Review

Unfortunately, winning clients is actually the most important part of your business, so it can sometimes be self-indulgent to fob it off entirely on an underling (you do the fun parts, and they can figure out, or not, how to make it viable). Let's face it: selling isn't for everyone.

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