The Top Five Dashboards Every CFO Should Review Daily

The Kini Group

The CFO’s responsibilities have migrated far from the typical numbers focus and cost analysis to growth strategy, sales tactics, and even human resources. This evolution of the role of CFO has created a demand for more oversight. CFO Dashboard 2: Costs.

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How the CFO and General Counsel Can Partner More Effectively

Harvard Business Review

What receives far less attention is that, more and more in our increasingly complex, volatile, and fully-globalized business world, the effectiveness of such action depends on a powerful partnership between the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the General Counsel (GC).

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Why HR and the CEO should be joined at the Hip | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

The day the Jacobs Suchard (now part of Kraft Foods ) Board of Directors promoted me to the C-Suite, they strongly suggested I align myself with the CFO. After all, I had come up through the marketing ranks. Marketing is important. Marketing. In the CEO Afterlife.

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Robert Sher: Part 2 of an interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

He has published extensively on the successful leadership traits of CEOs of mid-market companies. Rob Sher is founding principal of CEO to CEO, a consulting firm of former chief executives that improves the leadership infrastructure of midsized companies seeking to accelerate their performance. His first book, published in 2007, is The Feel of the Deal: […].

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Robert Sher: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

He has published extensively on the successful leadership traits of CEOs of mid-market companies. Rob Sher is founding principal of CEO to CEO, a consulting firm of former chief executives that improves the leadership infrastructure of midsized companies seeking to accelerate their performance. His first book, published in 2007, is The Feel of the Deal: […].

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B2B versus B2C Marketing Adjustments

Coaching Tip

One of the biggest differences between B2B and B2C worlds is marketing. Many successful marketing leaders have a difficult time making the required adjustments to be successful. . While the fundamentals of marketing are universal , there are three key factors that require different applications of these fundamentals. Books Failure Skills Success b2b b2b executive playbook b2c branding geehan group marketing sean geehanBy Guest Author Sean Geehan.

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Advice for Marketing Executives During Tough Times

Marshall Goldsmith

Q: Do you have any specific suggestions for marketing executives in this challenging climate? During hard times companies often cut back on marketing budgets. As business becomes more competitive, marketing executives face increasing pressure to demonstrate the value that their function is adding to the firm. This can lead to a crisis of credibility and a loss of power for the marketer. Driving revenue hinges on alignment of marketing with sales and other functions.

Mobile Payments and the 'Wow' Factor: Q&A With Square CFO Sarah Friar

Harvard Business Review

While marketers strategize heavily around how to help consumers decide what to buy, how much time do they spend thinking about how they will pay? This area of innovation is where mobile payment companies want to play, especially in markets where such technology is less than ubiquitous.

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The Secret Button for Getting Your Ideas Approved

Strategy Driven

Below I’ve listed a few stakeholders and corresponding Core Ideas to pitch to them regarding the European market entry: VP of Sales: “We should enter the Italian and German markets because we can generate $XMM in sales.”. The CFO will care about profits.

Steps in a Buying Decision

Strategy Driven

Mention your thoughts to the VPs of Sales and Marketing as you’d all need to share budget. have a formal meeting with VPs of Sales and Marketing and the head of Technology (the 4 of you make up the foundation of the Buying Decision Team (BDT)) to discuss ideas to move forward and upgrade your site, including bringing in a web design vendor. meet with CFO (manages the Tech department). Agree to get CFO’s permission to at least consider external vendors.

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Avoid These Common B2B Content Marketing Mistakes

Harvard Business Review

It’s no wonder, then, that more than 90% of B2B sellers have turned to content marketing to help regain access to buyers in the early stages of the purchase process. Leah Quesada, VP of marketing at Xerox, and her team tell the story in this video.). Sales & Marketing Article

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A Refresher on Marketing ROI

Harvard Business Review

Companies spend a lot on marketing communications. And more fundamentally, does marketing actually work? Marketing ROI analysis can help answer those questions. I talked with Jill Avery, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School and coauthor of HBR’s Go To Market Tools , about this concept and what it tells leaders about their spending on marketing. What is Marketing ROI, and How Do Companies Use It? Juan Díaz-Faes for HBR.

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The Seven Signs of Great Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

As Craig’s CFO and CAO, I always appreciated this leadership style. Build great teams In the early dark days as CFO of Footlocker, we had a struggling company that was deeply in debt.

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To bid or not to bid? That is the question.

Strategy Driven

Make an appointment with the CFO. Marketing & Sales buy gitomer buygitomer Jeffrey Gitomer marketing and sales strategydriven “They get bids for everything and always take the lowest bid.”. They send out an RFP and I can never speak to the decision maker.”. “We’re

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How Big Data Brings Marketing and Finance Together

Harvard Business Review

When Raja Rajamannar became CMO of MasterCard Worldwide in 2013, he moved quickly to transform how the credit card giant measures marketing. But the real power and full potential of data was not being fully realized by marketing. The New Marketing Organization.

Laura Berry Joins the Women on Business Social Media Team

Women on Business

Laura has 13 + years experience with Palo Alto Software (Eugene OR) in multiple roles including sales, customer service, customer support, and assistant to CFO. Women On Business News eugene social laura berry social media twitter marketing Women On Business

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My Best Blogs of 2011

In the CEO Afterlife

I began blogging about leadership, strategy, marketing and life last February. You’re Not a Real Marketer until You Create a Brand [link]. For as long as I can remember, the person bonded to the CEO’s hip was the CFO. Branding Human Resources Leadership Life Marketing Strategy blogs Business Crisis ManagementFrankly, I wasn’t sure whether I could maintain the pace of one blog per week. But as the year closes, I realize that I’ve posted 54 blogs.

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CMOs, Build a Relationship with Your CFOs

Harvard Business Review

An article published in indicates that in one study, more CMOs report sharing marketing information with their CFOs than CFOs reported receiving. In that same study, most CFOs believed that marketing could have a positive impact on profitability but 40% of them didn't know if CMOs were even trying to do so. But this makes the still lingering CMO-CFO disconnect even more significant, as both executives are now stewards of that critical corporate data.

These Are the People You Need on Your Startup Team

Chart Your Course

Business leadership researchers tell us that the best traits for your CFO are emotional stability and global ethics. In the days after the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), a chief executive cannot hide behind the acts of the CFO.

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The Unexpected Realities of Being an Entrepreneur

Lead Change Blog

You cannot dare do the same thing as an entrepreneur when you are still the HR manager, marketing guru, office manager, janitor, tech guy, sales staff, CFO and CEO. How interesting is it to start your own business? Many people say they wish to own their own businesses.

CEOs: Don't Sabotage Your Successors

Marshall Goldsmith

A CEO asked me to coach his potential successor, the CFO. It didn't take long before I just felt that the CEO just didn't like the CFO. I brought it to his attention: "I just don't think you like the CFO." A SINGLE DETRACTOR I worked with the CFO for more than a year, and all but one of his raters said they saw him as making great improvements in interpersonal relationships. However, the CEO now concluded that the CFO lacked the "adequate marketing skills."

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How to deal with cyber-attacks: publicly or privately?

Strategy Driven

Middle-market businesses often assume they’ll be overlooked by attackers, whether due to a large number of similar companies, or a lack of enticing assets.

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4 Keys For Bringing Out The Best From Introverts

Tanveer Naseer

He has observed in many companies that a C-suite team represents a balance of types , for instance, an introverted CEO who chooses an extroverted CFO to bring strengths to the table that he or she doesn’t have. “On The following is a guest piece by Kate Rodriguez.

Even “bad” cultures get some things right

Surviving Leadership

At this meeting, employees heard from the CEO, CHRO, General Counsel, COO, CFO, CMO, and any business leaders spearheading a major initiative. This would include a day spent with an installation tech and a day spent with a call center agent – preferably, in a market other than your own.

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The Market Wants Apple to Unveil a Time Machine

Harvard Business Review

In 2004, Apple's CFO, Fred Anderson, left the company. There are other markets waiting to be disrupted, for sure. If you want a brilliant lesson in focus and discipline, watch Tim Cook right now. Some investors are dissatisfied with Apple. I think it's more a case of their being dissatisfied with their own lives and expecting that Apple's next product will fix everything. The constant refrain is that Apple has not introduced a disruptive product since Steve Jobs passed away.

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Data Can Do for Change Management What It Did for Marketing

Harvard Business Review

Housing market price changes can be more accurately predicted from analysis of Google searches than by a team of expert real estate forecasters. There has been a rapid uptake in health care, consumer marketing, crime reduction, agriculture, scientific research, and many other areas. Just as the discipline of marketing has transformed from soft to hard science in the past 20 years, so too will the practice of change. Neasden Control Centre for HBR.

Deep Motivations, Not Competencies, Drive Leadership Performance

The Empowered Buisness

A successful CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is likely to have such MAPs as – strong motivation toward options (ie., What if…. You could easily predict the performance of your leaders, your teams and your organization ?

Developing The CEO Within You.

Rich Gee Group

What are the market forces at work – are they playing fair or are they slowly (and possibly illegally) undermining your position. You’re moving on up.

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Leadership and Product Management

Lead on Purpose

Product managers need to provide direction for how a product should be built, and through your understanding of the market, give them assurance they are building the right product. With this information marketing communicates the product effectively to customers and the market in general.

Making the Turn: 10 Warning Signs You aren’t Shifting from Founder to Leader

N2Growth Blog

Missing the turn or making it too late can cause a company to stagnate or implode or can spell the death of the idea; or worse, the idea becomes someone else’s to bring to market without you. Maybe your CFO is a family friend. By Thomas Brattle Gannett and Dr. Greg Giuliano.

How Should Leaders Address Challenge Of Low Performers?

Tanveer Naseer

Lars Sudmann, former CFO of Procter & Gamble Belgium, TEDx presenter, leadership and board advisor, and executive coach, believes that companies should provide consistent feedback to all of their employees. The following is a guest piece by Terri Williams.

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Complimentary Resource – Communication Tools Your Business Can’t Live Without

Strategy Driven

Complimentary Resource – The CFO’s Cheat Sheet to Compensation Risk & Reward. Complimentary Resource – 8 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid. Communication Tools Your Business Can’t Live Without. by Compare Business Products.

Why Leaders Need To Show Humility

Tanveer Naseer

The hubris displayed by Skilling, along with founder Kenneth Lay and CFO Andrew Fastow, didn’t just destroy Enron. These disasters have affected popular attitudes toward our entire system of free market capitalism.

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Communicating at All Levels of the Organization | Survive Your.

Survive Your Promotion

CFO – Three words… cost benefit analysis. The shorter the time period over which a project will pay for itself, the more likely the CFO will be interested in hearing more about it. Survive Your Promotion!

Ideas Plus Influence

Terry Starbucker

And I think anybody who’s occupied this office has to remember that success is determined by an intersection in policy and politics and that you can’t be neglecting of marketing and P.R. This is an important point for all business leaders, but in my experience, I believe marketers are particularly prone to what I call “smart syndrome.” An edgy marketing campaign might be what’s needed to jump start the brand but it might be too big of a leap for a conservative company.

What Story Does Your Org Chat Tell?


Org charts can be arranged by function, process, product, market, customer, geographic, matrix, or a combination approach. By: Gary Cohen.

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Three P's of business success

Lead on Purpose

You need people who focus on getting the right products to the right market at the right time. Successful companies establish a product management/marketing role (or group), empower them with the ability to make decisions, and hold them accountable for their actions.

Developing The CEO Within You.

Rich Gee Group

What are the market forces at work – are they playing fair or are they slowly (and possibly illegally) undermining your position.

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Why Everyone's Working So Hard

Marshall Goldsmith

Recently, in a conversation with the CFO of a blue chip company, I observed an example of the impact of this increased compensation. The CFO replied, "You are getting paid as much a partner in one of the top professional services firms. Today millions of highly educated, English-speaking, non-American professionals are flooding the job market. In the early 1980s I had the opportunity to work as a consultant in several of America's largest organizations.

The Disconnected Leader | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

If your CFO handles all communications with your banking relationships, and your Chief Investment Officer handles all of your investor relations, you’re flat out missing the boat.

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How One CMO Revamped Her Role

Harvard Business Review

About 30 minutes prior to her weekly one-on-one with the CEO, the chief marketing officer at a multibillion global financial services firm received a cryptic email from him with the subject line “The Trouble with CMOs.” They see that more impact from marketing benefits everybody.

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You Can't Argue With Crazy | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

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Introducing 100 Coaches: Pay It Forward Champions

Marshall Goldsmith

Deepa Prahalad – Focused on design and emerging markets. Telisa Yancy – Chief Marketing Officer at American Family Insurance. Praveen Kopalle – Associate Dean MBA Program, Signal Companies’ Professor of Management and Marketing at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

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