What’s Your Leadership Return On Equity?

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ROE or Return on Equity can be described as the sum of net income returned as an expressed percentage of shareholder equity. ROE measures company profitability by showing how much yield a business produces from and against shareholder investment.

The One Question for 2018

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Your personal plan for 2018 begins with: Exploring ROE (Return on Energy). What jazzed you up in 2017? Exposing things that didn’t work. What sucked the life out of you in 2017? Forgetting about… Continue reading → Success Decisions

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Moving on from ROI to ROE, a Return on Empathy

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Those making this shift will gain a significant ROE – Return on Empathy. You just finished reading Moving on from ROI to ROE, a Return on Empathy ! The post Moving on from ROI to ROE, a Return on Empathy appeared first on StrategyDriven.

End the Religion of ROE

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corporation than "what's the ROE on that?" ROE justifies the means. To an extent not widely recognized, it was an equation in the first place that gave ROE the power to dominate not just investment decisions, but an entire business culture. By parsing ROE into the DuPont Equation (very rapidly to become a business school mainstay), he provided the basis for organizations divided into functions with their own objectives. There is no more powerful question in a U.S.

12 Core Competencies For Great Leadership

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They thrive on facts, figures and numbers—whether it’s ROI, ROE, or EBIDTA. Asked to define what a great leader is, many people might say something like “Great leaders have integrity” or “Great leaders inspire people” or “Great leaders lead by service and setting the right example.”.

A Refresher on Return on Assets and Return on Equity

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What is Return on Equity (ROE)? Unlike ROA, you want the ROE to be as high as possible, but there are limitations. ” How do companies use ROA and ROE? What mistakes do people make when using ROA and ROE? Profit is king, as the saying goes.


Stop Focusing on Profitability and Go for Growth

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Equity cash flows, in turn, are a function of a company’s long-term return on equity (ROE), growth, and the value of shareholders’ equity on its books. This relationship gives rise to three important heuristics: If a company’s long-term ROE is anticipated to be 400 basis points (bps) or more above its cost of equity capital, then the value created by accelerating growth will exceed the value created by improving pre-tax margins.


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John Roe O'Neill would remember the driver's brown-sweatered right arm resting on the car's windowsill in the cloud-filtered light of that Dublin afternoon. It was an ordinary gray British Ford, the spartan economy model with right-hand drive customary in Ireland. A nightmare capsule of memory, it excluded everything else in the scene; just the car and that arm. From The White Plague by Frank Herbert


Resignation or Termination?


Last Friday, Jane Doe called Richard Roe into her office at 4:50 p.m. She said, “As your supervisor, I need to tell you that I’m not pleased with your job performance. You’ve missed your production goals for the past three months and there’s also the incident in which you screamed at one of the secretaries.” “I I told you why each of those events happened,” Richard replied. Why are you still on my back?” “If


Women Directors Change How Boards Work

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We know that getting more women on teams can boost performance. The examples are numerous: Citing private internal research of 20,000 client teams, EY’s vice chair Beth Brooke has said that the more diverse teams had higher profitability and great client satisfaction than non-diverse teams.

Don't Confuse Engagement with User Experience

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Put another way, Apple's UX metric seems to encourage ROE — Return on Engagement — where Android emphasizes ease-of-use and opportunity. Mobile designer Luke Wroblewski captures the conundrum perfectly: What explains. the great " Android Engagement Mystery "? The numbers don't lie.


Why Complexity Sucks

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You focus on that 20% to generate a high ROE (return on effort). Complexity is in the eye of the beholder. To me, astrophysics is a complex discipline; to Stephen Hawking it is not.

ASTD International Conference: Must Attend Sessions!

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ROE Part 1: The Ultimate Demonstration of Training Value. So in less than 12 hour s I will be heading out to Orlando, FL for the ASTD International Conference. I am looking forward to all the sessions as well as being a Press Blogger for the event. With my press pass I will actually have a lot of options as well as VIP access to speakers and behind the scenes conversations. I will actually be interviewing a few of the main headliners as well.

Japan Is Counting on Shareholder Activism to Improve Its Economy

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given that Japanese companies are global outliers in terms of excess cash, low ROEs , and limited domestic growth prospects ). Shareholder activism is a quintessentially American form of investing. In the U.S., CEOs live in fear of activist hedge funds, and politicians worry about their effects on workers.


A Tribute to a Fallen Hero – Thomas F. Swift (1971-2001)

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So as the fifth anniversary of 9/11 approached, I was intrigued by a project being put together by a fellow blogger named D.Challener Roe, where he was looking for 2,996 bloggers to individually honor each of the victims of that day.


The Business-Friendly Legislature Known as SCOTUS

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In his 2012 best-seller Unintended Consequences , former Bain capital partner Ed Conard (approvingly) describes the relatively business-friendly political and economic climate of the past few decades as a byproduct of the Supreme Court''s decision in the abortion case Roe v. The U.S.


Women's Leadership Exchange - Blog - I Won't Say Good Bye to Ann.

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Weddington, you may note, " had successfully argued Roe v. Home WLE Events New York Los Angeles Ft. Lauderdale Connect with Your Customer Conferences Teleseminars Speed Coaching WLE Toolbox WLE Exchange (e-newsletter) WLE Bookstore Blog SELLsation!


Would You Want Carl Icahn to Run Your Company?

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What exactly this balance of power between shareholders, boards, and managers should look like is one of those eternal questions to which we will never come up with a definitive answer (don't just take my word for it; read Mark Roe's " The Inevitable Instability of American Corporate Governance "). "We have a dysfunctional corporate governance system in the United States and nobody can attack it and nobody can do anything about it because it's like the feudal system."

Judge Vaughn Walker, Prop 8 and Truthiness

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  Judge Walker's opinion, say some, could well end up being as important as Roe v. Birds Eye View Subscribe to Birds Eye View E-mail Updates Enter your e-mail address below and you will receive automatic updates of my latest entries.


When Entitlement Meets Unemployment

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Offer your employer superior ROE — return on employee. A paradox is a seemingly contradictory statement that might nonetheless be true. The deepest one I've come across recently goes something like at a time of high unemployment and persistent joblessness , Millennials are asking for more concessions and perks from their employers.


How Office Dwellers Can Become Doers

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But let's face it, Microsoft won't pay you to conquer the Amazon or extract salmon roe. I've often fantasized about hurling my laptop over Niagara Falls, then grilling a fresh salmon to celebrate my sensory liberation. I'd become a Maker. I'd build a sailboat to circle the globe.


Idle Funds are the Devil's Playground

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The result has been an economic system built increasingly around the maximization of ROE. In the book we're working on right now, we make the argument that capitalism is evolving because the environment in which it is situated is changing in fundamental ways. Regarding the latter, we point to some well-documented and broadly perceived shifts in the geography, demography, and technology of global economic activity.