How to Quit Your Job Like Sherwood Anderson: The Best Resignation Letter Ever Written

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries Brain Pickings Charles Osgood Dr. Seuss F. Here is an excerpt from a recent post by Maria Popova at her website, Brain Pickings. If you have not as yet checked out this treasure trove of brain food, please do so ASAP. Meanwhile, I invite you to feast on what follows. * * * Like a number of celebrated creators – including Dr. […].

Why To Be Unpopular in a Politically Correct World

Let's Grow Leaders

” -Charles Osgood As we warm-up to Mean It Madness month on Let’s Grow Leaders, I’ve taken our show on the road. “Being Politically Correct means always having to say you’re sorry.”

Women Directors Change How Boards Work

Harvard Business Review

Dhir , an associate professor at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School, has done extensive research for his forthcoming 2015 book, Challenging Boardroom Homogeneity: Corporate Law, Governance and Diversity. We know that getting more women on teams can boost performance.

“Government Entrepreneur” is Not an Oxymoron

Harvard Business Review

Chris Osgood and Nigel Jacob brought the country’s first major-city mobile 311 app to life, and they are public entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship almost always involves pushing against the status quo to capture opportunities and create value. So it shouldn’t be surprising when a new business model, such as ridesharing, disrupts existing systems and causes friction between entrepreneurs and local government officials, right?