A Technology Case Study: Implementing What the Customer Wants

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In order for any change to occur – whether it’s a decision to purchase a product, or an implementation to add new technology – whatever touches the ultimate solution must buy-in to the change. You just finished reading A Technology Case Study: Implementing What the Customer Wants

My Great Failure, Part 3: Needing Where I Should be Leading

Modern Servant Leader

While working for a large, rapidly expanding non-profit, I was tasked with upgrading the organization’s technology. Adding to the challenge was an already understaffed technology department, supporting antiquated technology. The Scenario: An Unrealistic Demand.

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How the CFO and General Counsel Can Partner More Effectively

Harvard Business Review

What receives far less attention is that, more and more in our increasingly complex, volatile, and fully-globalized business world, the effectiveness of such action depends on a powerful partnership between the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the General Counsel (GC).

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Why Can't a CIO Be More Like a CFO?

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It''s time for CIOs to move beyond their roles as chief technology officers, and embrace the name with all of its implications: Chief Information Officer. At the same time, technology budgets are static or contracting, and non-IT execs want more attention to cost-cutting.

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Mobile Payments and the 'Wow' Factor: Q&A With Square CFO Sarah Friar

Harvard Business Review

This area of innovation is where mobile payment companies want to play, especially in markets where such technology is less than ubiquitous. Are there any specific ways that you''ve seen marketers use this technology effectively? Marketing Technology

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Convincing Employees to Use New Technology

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Almost any enterprise you can think of, no matter the industry or sector, is trying (or being pressured by competitors) to use new technology to harness the vast new oceans of data being generated by smartphones, sensors, digital cameras, GPS devices, and myriad other sources of information originating from customers and markets. We’ve spent an awful lot of money on technology, but I still see people working in the old way,” complained the CFO of a large hospitality company.

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The Seven Signs of Great Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

As Craig’s CFO and CAO, I always appreciated this leadership style. Build great teams In the early dark days as CFO of Footlocker, we had a struggling company that was deeply in debt. In any given year, Reggie saved our company millions of dollars through new methods and technology.

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How I Learned the Hard Way That Aging Technology Is Expensive

Harvard Business Review

Companies love to stretch out their investments in existing technology as long as possible, a policy whose faulty logic I recently rediscovered in my role as CIO. That's because, like many CIOs, I hate buying technology that loses a significant part of its value as soon as it's delivered. Then the family's CFO, my wife, who also happens to be a CPA, demanded to know their TCO. The CFO's skepticism was proved correct, and I lost all credibility.

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How to deal with cyber-attacks: publicly or privately?

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Whether you are a CFO of an international, publicly-traded conglomerate, or a mid-sized regional business, it is well within your portfolio to do everything possible to properly prepare for the threat.

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Steps in a Buying Decision

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have a formal meeting with VPs of Sales and Marketing and the head of Technology (the 4 of you make up the foundation of the Buying Decision Team (BDT)) to discuss ideas to move forward and upgrade your site, including bringing in a web design vendor. meet with CFO (manages the Tech department). Agree to get CFO’s permission to at least consider external vendors. Majority decides to use vendors to do all the work rather than in house, but need buy-in from CFO.

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Morning Advantage: My Kingdom for a Developer

Harvard Business Review

Everyone in the room who is fully satisfied with their IT staff and has no concerns about finding and recruiting new technology talent raise your hand. It's an "irreplaceable motivator for high-performing technology staff," McKinsey reports. Big Pharma's Questionable Start-Up Strategy (Technology Review). Facebook Flop Won't Scare Off Growth-Company Listings (CFO).

The Essential CHRO Roles Every CEO Must Support

HR Digest

The HR is supposed to be a true partner to the CEO, just like the CFO. While becoming a CHRO requires a step beyond administrative roles and clear knowledge of the business, CEOs have the obligation to elevate the HR, enable the CHRO to become a strategic partner, and to adopt the G3 system – a tier comprising the CEO, the CFO and the CHRO as a top corporate unit fundamental in decision making.

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November 2018 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

CFO Jon Verbeck gives us a major pointer for increasing our profits, and helps leaders understand these important elements of running a department or business. If you’re rolling out new technology to make work better, you’ll probably need help. Welcome to the November Leadership Development Carnival. We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, customer service, development, engagement, and more.

5 Reasons CFOs Struggle with Financial Reporting (and How to Overcome the Challenges)

The Kini Group

CFOs often require costly technology and resources for their teams. The fix: To mitigate these issues and survive the pressure, CFOs should find the most efficient technology possible to organize their data and run their financial reporting automatically. Too Much Technology to Manage.

Career Growth: 4 Signs That Your Company Will Give You a Fair Shot

Women on Business

Perhaps your manager had your job title a few years or months back, or your new CFO recently transitioned into the role from heading the accounting department. Guest Post By: Rania Stewart, senior product manager with Peoplefluent.com. Learn more about Rania at the end of this post.

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Why Everyone's Working So Hard

Marshall Goldsmith

Recently, in a conversation with the CFO of a blue chip company, I observed an example of the impact of this increased compensation. The CFO replied, "You are getting paid as much a partner in one of the top professional services firms. New Technology There was a time when people thought new technology would lead to more leisure time. Instead, new technology has created a "24/7" mindset.

5 Reasons CFOs Struggle with Financial Reporting and Analysis (and How to Overcome the Challenges)

The Kini Group

CFOs often require costly technology and resources for their teams. The fix: To mitigate these issues and survive the pressure, CFOs should find the most efficient technology possible to organize their data and run their financial reporting automatically. Too Much Technology to Manage.

A Merging of Minds: Finance and Sales Collaboration for Increased Profitability

The Kini Group

The VP of Sales shares his or her team’s quota goals for the next year; the CFO shares his or her profitability goals. Of course, you’ll need technology you need to help support this mission.

Introducing 100 Coaches: Pay It Forward Champions

Marshall Goldsmith

Authority on new technology and communication. Claire Diaz-Ortiz – Technology innovator and speaker. Feyzi Fatehi – An INC Magazine nominee, a pioneer in the Cloud industry, and the founder and CEO of Corent Technologies, Feyzi is also author of The 10x Innovation Revolution.

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The Disconnected Leader | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

If your CFO handles all communications with your banking relationships, and your Chief Investment Officer handles all of your investor relations, you’re flat out missing the boat.

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Professional Presence Makes the Difference!

Strategy Driven

Imagine combining the brilliant technological advances of today with timeless people skills, and consider the potential of future generations. No one is born knowing anything. We maintain that once we know ‘the difference’ we can make a difference for mankind.

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You Can't Argue With Crazy | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

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How Top Pricing Managers Drive Profits: 6 Skills to Success

The Kini Group

Skill 5: A Love for Technology. Successful leaders adopt technology that empowers their team members to accomplish more with their time. Pricing managers must also provide support to their immediate superiors, often the CFO. According to IBM , we create 2.5

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The Financial Industry Needs to Start Planning for the Next 50 Years, Not the Next Five

Harvard Business Review

Despite rapid innovations in data processing and machine learning, many businesses have yet to make the leap from the Industrial Age to the information age, and the gap between technological and organizational progress is widening. Closing this gap requires much more than short-term fixes, like adopting new technologies. The financial services industry, a traditional laggard in technology adoption, is just now entering the digital phase. Sponsored by DXC Technology.

CFOs Don’t Worry Enough About Cyber Risk

Harvard Business Review

The answer involves radically reframing one of the mainstays of the C-suite — the role of the CFO. By becoming an active member of the security team, rather than just a passive observer, the CFO, along with the CEO and the rest of the C-suite, can significantly reduce revenue leakage through a more focused and effective cyber security technology portfolio. The financial and business impact of cyber incidents today requires the CFO to lean into the solution.

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How to Transform a Traditional Giant into a Digital One

Harvard Business Review

Sensors, the cloud, mobile and broadband wireless, and other such technologies are increasing the flow of digitized information exponentially. Leadership Technology Strategy Article

Are We Asking Too Much of Our CIOs?

Harvard Business Review

Chief "Innovation" Officer: Looking for disruptive technologies to drive innovation. Why Can''t a CIO Be More Like a CFO? IT management Information & technology Organizational culture

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Craft a Remarkable Personal Brand Statement! 29 Steps & Examples

Miles Anthony Smith

Graham Keen "Inspirational CEO/CFO turned positive-psychologist resiliently transforming businesses & financial performance." I am adept at establishing policies, procedures, and technologies to enhance efficiency, financial health, and service to organize constituents.

The Building Blocks of Successful Corporate IT

Harvard Business Review

But massive disruptions in business models, technology, and the work force have been throwing up massive new challenges for CIOs and other technology leaders. Consequently, CIOs and business leaders with a technology focus face more cacophony and challenge than ever before.

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Fulfilling the Promise of AI Requires Rethinking the Nature of Work Itself

Harvard Business Review

These fears aren’t unfounded: managers across industries have cost targets and technology enables lower-value tasks to move from people to machines. But we believe an obsession mainly on technology’s potential for cost-cutting is misguided. Machines can design exquisitely to specifications, but for the foreseeable future, the best way to differentiate and grow revenue is by combining technology with human ingenuity, empathy, and creativity.

50 Ways to Leave your Lover: Keep Failing Til the Last Thing You Try Is Successful

Mills Scofield

Special guest blog post by Don Esch, President of Bettcher Industries of his story at BW-Center For Innovation & Growth 's Innovation Summit.

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The Real Power of Enterprise Social Media Platforms

Harvard Business Review

They''re using these tool and technologies to add value to existing processes or, indeed, to create new "just-in-time" processes (and programs) that the C-suite and other senior managers had never envisioned. Why Can''t a CIO Be More Like a CFO?

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Avon CEO Andrea Jung Takes Seat on Apple's Board :: Women on Business

Women on Business

She’s taking over the seat formerly occupied by Apple’s former CFO, John Anderson, who resigned amidst a stock options backdating scandal.

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Female Leadership on the Decline in Canada :: Women on Business

Women on Business

CEO, CMO, COO, CIO, CFO, etc.),

As Work Changes, Leadership Development Has to Keep Up

Harvard Business Review

The very idea of leading people in jobs is changing with the democratization of work and the continued advance of digital technology. Digital technology is increasing the complexity and options associated with this plurality of work. To effectively lead, knowledge of technology certainly matters but there’s much more to leaders mastering and optimizing digital for their organizations. Leadership development Talent management Technology Digital Article

Engaging Shoppers with Intelligent Stores

Harvard Business Review

How do they adopt an intelligent-store strategy that incorporates associates, shoppers, changing technology, new consumer behaviors, and the store itself? Our shopper in aisle three would need the store's Wi-Fi network and IT ecosystem to support the technology on his or her mobile device. Think of how a Generation Y associate consumes technology with friends via social media on Sunday evening at home, and then how she consumes it as a POS associate Monday morning.

The Never-Ending Meeting :: Women on Business

Women on Business

It’s not rocket science, but it is surprising how many CFO’s and managers don’t stop to evaluate the effectiveness of their meetings.

How AI Helped One Retailer Reach New Customers

Harvard Business Review

I met the team at Albert (formerly known as Adgorithms) while I was doing research into artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data-driven marketing technologies for my book, Marketing, Interrupted. Albert’s results have been so impressive to date that Simson is now encouraging RedBalloon’s CFO to think in a very different way about the marketing budget. Marketing Data Technology Retail & Consumer Goods Digital ArticleYuichiro Chino/Getty Images.

How CMOs Can Work with CIOs to Gain Customer Insight

Harvard Business Review

But given that today's CMO is often the main connection between the consumer and the company, a strong relationship with the CIO can allow her to leverage technology to better understand those customers. With this in mind, there is a growing need to identify how CMOs and CIOs can use the technology that's on-hand to ease this process — which will ultimately drive growth for the entire business. Customers Marketing Technology CIO CMO

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Competing on Service: Eleven Ways to Beat the Competition by ‘Hugging’ Your Customers

Strategy Driven

Use technology to provide quick, efficient customer service. As long as you make sure your messaging is detailed and easy to understand, your customers will appreciate the quick service these technologies provide. The U.S.

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Bridging the Gap Between IT and Your Business

Harvard Business Review

For the past several years we have watched with increasing dismay at the increasing chasm between information technology (IT) groups and their business counterparts. From where we sit, both sides have legitimate beefs: IT complains that, despite the increasing penetration of technology into every nook and cranny of the business , it doesn’t have a seat at the table and no one understands how difficult their jobs are given the constraints under which they operate.

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The Truth About Cloud Economics

Harvard Business Review

Many people assume it's all about moving to a "pay-as-you-go" (PAYG) model and while this is certainly a big piece of it, it also involves operating versus capital expenses, subscriptions to services, and customers paying for outcomes (not technology). Traditionally, much of the money allocated to technology has been locked away in capital expense allocations used for buying physical goods. Budgeting IT management Information & technology PAYG

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Leadership Is More than Interpersonal Skills

Harvard Business Review

Modern leadership may be as much about facilitating strategy through hiring, training, technology, and focused tasks and goals, as it is about face-to-face interaction. Clear and meaningful tasks, goals, and technology tools that support the organization''s direction can supplement interpersonal leadership. Research on the efficacy of substitutes for leadership is mixed; technology may be the reason. Leadership Technology

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