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LeadershipNow 140: September 2016 Compilation

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Business Book Classic: The Abilene Paradox by @WallyBock. Success Is Never an Accident – It’s a Choice by @SteveTobak. 14 reasons why it’s tough to be a boss by @WallyBock. Do Not Take Rest Breaks And 4 Other Productive Tips For Leaders by @BrianKDodd. The Powerful Organizational Trust Elixir by Karin Hurt.

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The #1 Killer of Change

Lead Change Blog

That phenomenon, first described by Jerry B Harvey in his article ‘The Abilene Paradox’, highlighted his views on consensus inertia. So what is that profound issue, that killer component? In my view, the #1 killer element is groupthink.

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So, We All Agree?… Really? | You're Not the Boss of Me

You're Not the Boss of Me

It’s called The Abilene Paradox The Abilene Paradox was introduced by Jerry B. You can share the “Abilene Paradox&# anecdote with meeting participants before a meeting actually starts. I hadn’t heard of the “Abilene Paradox&#. Ever happen to you? … Really?