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Social, Commerce, Local and Mobile (SoCoLoMo) KPI Dashboard – Free Templates

Modern Servant Leader

Social Commerce Local and Mobile (SoCoLoMo) KPI Dashboard. To track, analyze and report your assessment, strategy and progress in SoCoLoMo, use the attached, free template files. The videos here are quick overview of these tools and basic directions on how to use them. Social Commerce Local and Mobile (SoCoLoMo) Executive Presentation.

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How to Develop Performance Measures?

Strategy Driven

Most times, determining how to develop the right Key Performance Measure (KPI) may lead to hassles and failure that might bring unwanted results. Familiarize with the concept of performance measure/What is KPI? It is needless to say that the misconception of KPI is a common organizational problem. Let your supporters buy-in.

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Writing Key Performance Indicators KPI's

Rapid BI

The post Writing Key Performance Indicators KPI's appeared first on RapidBi. A key performance indicator is a financial and non-financial measure used to help an organization measure progress towards a stated organizational goal or objective.

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CPIs: The Small but Significant Indicators of Business Growth

CEO Insider

As far as metrics are concerned, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are deeply engrained in the management of businesses. Moreover, they regularly receive quantitative feedback on their achievements against the various KPIs […].

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To Succeed, Focus on Inputs Not Results


KPI’s, profits, budgets etc are critical to business…they just can’t be changed through themselves. So, here’s the big tip: You cannot change, influence or develop through focusing on a result only – understand the inputs and things that influence the result! Don’t misunderstand my point.

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Peter Senge: How to Overcome Learning Disabilities in Organizations


Every team meets the KPI numbers and yet, customers remain disgruntled. People look at meeting their own numbers and push the work to next stage and often, what happens is that while people win (in short term), the system fails.

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Determining Your Objectives In Digital Marketing

Strategy Driven

The world of digital marketing is full of terms, some that may sound completely alien to those who are not used to the jargon of this world (such as, for example, KPI). Others may come from everyday language. However, you may think everyone knows what they mean, but many people don’t really understand it completely.

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