What makes a learning organization?

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All of … Continue reading → Knowledge Leadership Learning Uncategorized application culture discovery improvement JTBD learners learning organizationAmazon, Intuit, Airbnb, Disney, FedEx and Uber…what do these companies have in common? They know their customers. They don’t just know about their customers, they know why their customers ‘hire’ them and their products to do specific jobs.

Disciplines of a Learning Organization: Peter Senge


If there is one book that has influenced my business thinking the most, it is Peter Senge’s “ The Fifth Discipline – The Art and Practice of Learning Organization ” and I have referred to it many times over past years on this blog. 5 Key Lessons From Learning Organizations.

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Creating the Foundation for a Learning Organization

Deming Institute

presented a session at our 2016 annual conference titled: Applying Deming’s Philosophy and Theory to Create the Foundation for a Learning Organization. Acknowledge that the transformation of the organization will require moving through more than 1 phase.

Creating a Learning Organization: 10 Actions For a Leader


Jack Welch said, “An organizations ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the greatest competitive advantage.” Continuous learning and its respective implementation to generate desired business outcomes is at the core of successful organizations. Peter Senge defined a learning organization as the one “where people continually expand their capacity to create the

5 Key Lessons From Learning Organizations


Home Go to QAspire.com Guest Posts Disclaimer 5 Key Lessons From Learning Organizations Problems, challenges and inefficiencies (in one way or the other) are a part of any organization. How organizations deal with them makes all the difference. In my career so far, I have (broadly) seen two kinds of organizations. The second type of organizations are what we call “ learning organizations ”. Have you seen such organizations?

To Create A Learning Organization, You Need Leaders Who are Life-Long Learners Themselves

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The theme: Creating a Learning Organization:? Leading-Edge Strategies for Employee Development And here’s the description of the conference: What is the most important asset to your organization? Strategic Government Resources (SGR) just completed its January, 2014 Conference. It’s not about having the latest and greatest gadgets (although that’s always nice too), but your PEOPLE are […]. Randy''s blog entries

Some thoughts on Learning Individuals in Learning Organizations

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What have you learned? When have you learned? How do you keep learning? Does the average company/organization actually help people learn, so that that they can get better? Randy's blog entries bias for action learning individuals Learning Organizations Mark Zuckerberg The Social Netwrok Tom PetersDoes the average employee get better at his or her job?

Peter Senge on Leadership Development


The Fifth Discipline – The Art and Practice of Learning Organization ” by Peter Senge is such a profound book that each time I revisit it, I find something deep in a way that it serves as a timely reminder for initiatives that I may be working on. Why Organizations Don’t Learn?

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A Total Re-Thinking of What it Means to be a Learning Organization – (Insight from Exponential Organizations)

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Constant learning is critical to staying on the exponential curve. Read these quotes carefully: If you’re running a big company today and are not aware of these technologies—not to mention how they might impact your company—you are simply not doing your job. John Seely Brown and John Hagel have observed that although all of our […]. Randy''s blog entries

In a World of Perpetual Newbies, we all must join the Perpetual Learners Group – (insight from Kevin Kelly’s The Inevitable, & thoughts on learning organizations)

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Now… Read More In a World of Perpetual Newbies, we all must join the Perpetual Learners Group – (insight from Kevin Kelly’s The Inevitable, & thoughts on learning organizations). In this era of “becoming,” everyone becomes a newbie. Worse, we will be newbies forever. That should keep us humble. That bears repeating. All of us—every one of us—will be endless newbies in the future simply trying to keep up.

Creating a Learning Organization - Teachable Moments

Orrin Woodward

“Teachable Moments” are one of the quickest ways to create a learning organization, helping the entire team to learn from the many mistakes on the journey to excellence. The attitude of learning organizations is, if we are going to make mistakes anyway, let’s go ahead and learn from them. Learning organizations improve daily without playing the blame game or passing the buck.

Peter Senge: How to Overcome Learning Disabilities in Organizations


As an organization grows, managing the flow demands work items to move from one team/department to another. Peter Senge , in his book “ The Fifth Discipline – The Art and Practice of Learning Organization ” outlines 7 organizational learning disabilities.

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How to Accelerate Team Learning


A team’s ability to learn quickly is at the heart of adapting to constant changes. In fact, it seems that constant learning is the only key to agility as a team and organization. On this blog, we have visually explored various facets of creating a learning organization.

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Social Learning = Organically Sloppy. How business really gets done.

Leaders. Better. Brighter.

The Glowan Consulting Group L3 Blog Home About Glowan Subscribe to feed ‹ Best places to work generate centripetal force • Resilient Leadership At All Levels › Social Learning = Organically Sloppy. Call it social learning. Leaders. Better. Brighter.™

Why Organizations Don’t Learn? #Sketchnote


Organizations that don’t learn constantly, adapt continuously and execute relentlessly are more likely to be disrupted by constant change and competition. We have to go beyond formal learning methods if we have to truly build learning organizations in a rapidly changing world.

The Learning Leader


I think a lot about learning. I suppose that is because learning is central to what I do as a professor. I wonder how people learn. I am intrigued by the different levels of learning. […]. Leading Others learning learning organization

Leadership, Learning and Personal Knowledge Mastery


One of the crucial leadership skills for today and future is ability to learn constantly from various high quality sources, synthesizing information and collaborating with a community to get a better grasp of the constantly changing reality.

Appreciate Differences


Brian Herbert, son of science fiction author Frank Herbert and a prolific author of science fiction himself, once said: “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness […]. Leading Organizations diversity learning organization organizational learning

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Keep it Secret. Keep it Safe.


Leading Organizations learning organization organizational culture psychological safetyIt happened during a workshop I was leading on creativity for a board of trustees at a small college. A suggestion came up—and I don’t even remember what it was—that was new. It was something […].

Leaders and the Learning Organization | You're Not the Boss of Me

You're Not the Boss of Me

There was a time when everyone was jumping onto The Learning Organization bandwagon. This usually happened when times were good, when organizations felt a little more ebullient about their prospects and generous toward their employees.

When Does Real Learning Happen?


Learning, the real learning, happens…. When you are intentional about learning When you are driven by an intrinsic need to advance and not only by external triggers and rewards. Leading the Self Learning Sketch Notes learning learning and development Learning Organization

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How Leaders Can Create a Culture of Feedback

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Creating a culture of feedback is vital to any organization. A Partnership for Learning The best way to champion feedback is approach […]. Authentic Leadership Leadership Lessons Learned Leading & Developing Other Leaders Leading Change Professional Development Servant Leadership Values-Based Leadership Feedback leadership learning organization Giving and receiving feedback is something every leader should be comfortable with.

The Five Key Benefits of Leading the Learning

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This phenomenon was no more apparent than in the area of organizational learning. Leading & Developing Other Leaders Leading Change Organizational Health leadership learning Learning organization Management Organizational Learning After 25 plus years developing and facilitating training for clients in a wide variety of industries large and small, a consistent theme I see is that there is a lot of management and very little real leadership going on.

Restoring Joy and Meaning to Learning

Deming Institute

The focus of Ingenium is “restoring joy and meaning to learning.” Instead of trying to force compliance from kids they seek to understand the underlying conditions that lead to behavior that is not effective and change the system to allow kids to do what they naturally do: learn.

Learning in a Connected Age: Leveraging Social Media


Language allowed us to create stories and human beings learned through stories shared in a social context. Learning was social in nature. Then, literature evolved and allowed many people to learn from the same sources. Because learning is never static.

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What we see…

Deming Institute

A few years ago, I read an account of the Airbus Quality Lean Academy, with an inspiring image of students entering a lean temple, where students are coached and developed “with the basis they need to become self-reliant problem solvers and spread the word around the business.” Maintaining an investment in such a dedicated learning environment for 15+ years is no small feat, especially with the challenges of the idiosyncrasies of the partner nations.

Unique Leadership Skills

Coaching Tip

Good leaders have a strong effect on the success of an organization or business. What my research has revealed is that leaders of truly adaptive organizations possess a unique set of skills and thought processes, and simply being strong and successful is not an effective basis for leading and shaping an innovative organization," Dr. Fiona Kerr says. For a lot of people, these are skills and qualities that can be learned. These organizations wanted to change.

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Smart Leaders Don’t Just Learn, They Teach

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Here is an article written by William C. Taylor for BNET (January 4, 2011), The CBS Interactive Business Network. To check out an abundance of valuable resources and obtain a free subscription to one or more of the BNET newsletters, please click here. * * * Ever since the publication, nearly two decades ago, of [.].

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0602 | Edward Hess


Ed Hess is the author of Learn or Die and a host of other great books. His current research focuses on innovation systems and organizational learning cultures, behaviors, and processes. In this interview, we talk about who to use science to build a leading-edge learning organization.

0602 | Edward Hess


Ed Hess is the author of Learn or Die and a host of other great books. His current research focuses on innovation systems and organizational learning cultures, behaviors, and processes. In this interview, we talk about who to use science to build a leading-edge learning organization.

Have You Capped Your Potential?

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There’s an unusual looking building I often walk past in New York at 11 Madison Avenue. And it got me thinking recently… All Base, No Stride. Today the stout-looking building in the picture above is home to Credit Suisse’s World Headquarters.

How to Be Competent at Being Incompetent

Leadership Freak

Courage Failure Humility Insecurity Leading Managing Marks of leaders Personal Growth Strengths Trust weaknesses bob burg Growth Leadership Leadership Development learning organizations Management Organizational Development organizational success side benefitGuess what insecure leaders do when one of their weaknesses comes to light? They immediate explain why it isn’t a weakness and how it’s not that bad. I see it all the time.

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Teaming: A book review by Bob Morris

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Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy Amy C. Edmondson Jossey-Bass/A Wiley Imprint (2012) Why and how the most valuable organizational learning occurs: through teams Amy Edmondson characterizes “teaming” as “teamwork on the fly.”

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Everybody Thinking, Learning and Doing

Deming Institute

Dan’s presentation includes a nice discussion of the importance of understanding the organization as a system (in his words the value streams). Without an understanding of the overall system organizations frequently optimize components that in turn sub-optimize the whole.

Current Neuroscience Understanding Related to Psychology and the Theory of Knowledge

Deming Institute

This is really a great talk that does a great job of illustrating the importance of understanding how our brains work (psychology) and how we think (and risks in what we think we know – theory of knowledge) and how it relates to managing our organizations.

Michael Marquardt: A second interview by Bob Morris

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Mike also serves as President of the World Institute for Action Learning. Yeo Stanford University Press United Nations Development Program World Institute for Action Learning XeroxMichael Marquardt is Professor of Human Resource Development and International Affairs at George Washington University. He has held a number of senior management, training and marketing positions and has trained managers in over 100 countries since beginning his international experience in Spain in [.].

Breakthrough Problem Solving with Action Learning: A book review by Bob Morris

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Breakthrough Problem Solving with Action Learning: Concepts and Cases Michael J. Yeo Stanford Business Books/Imprint of Stanford University Press (2012) How and why action learning “is truly the most powerful problem-solving tool of the 21st century” Those who have read any of Michael Marquardt’s previously published books (notably Optimizing the Power [.]. Marquardt Microsoft Optimizing the Power of Action Learning Roland K.

When and why a “failure” is an “orphan”

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Bob's blog entries "If you think education is expensive [comma] try ignorance" “failure” “success has many parents but failure is always an orphan” “total learning organization” Derek Bok Edison research center in Menlo Park (New Jersey) Peter Senge The Fifth Discipline Thomas Edison we always “pass lots of failures” on the so-called “road” to ultimate success When and why a “failure” is an “orphan

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Entrepreneurs Come In Two Flavors

Erika Andersen

communicating Community learning Organizations Thinking Work brand entrepreneurs exit money passion profit rich richard branson value I read a great many posts and articles by and about entrepreneurs. Lately it has seemed to me that there are two basic entrepreneurial mindsets.

If Something Happens All the Time, It Can Still Be a Miracle

Erika Andersen

communicating Community learning Organizations people Work business evolution growth high performance nature teamI’ve realized lately that there’s something I love no matter what form it takes: growth.

Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan on the ‘Real Stuff’

Erika Andersen

Effective leaders listen to learn and understand rather than to rebut and overpower. Books learning Organizations Weblogs Work change-friendly leadership Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan leadership relationships trust

Why We Hate Strategy

Erika Andersen

4) As practiced in most organizations, strategy IS boring. learning Organizations people Thinking Work being strategic boring clarity complicated engaging forbes goals Michael Porter real life results strategic strategy vision

Bill Ringle – Helping Entrepreneurs Turn Talent Into Wealth

Erika Andersen

Leading People learning Organizations Work Bil Ringle business-building entrepreneurs value wealthI met Bill Ringle when he asked me to participate in his interview series My Quest for the Best. He asked such good questions that I offered to return the favor!