Leadership and…the Cascade Stress Effect

Leading in Context

If we use fear-based leadership, bullying, command-and-control leadership, belittling, sabotage or other forms of psychological violence, or allow them to be used by others in our organizations, we create the opposite of a supportive, productive learning organization. We create an environment of toxic stress that harms people and the organization. Ethical Organization ethical business ethical issues ethics ethics training leadership development leadership training

Stress 102

Current Neuroscience Understanding Related to Psychology and the Theory of Knowledge

Deming Institute

This is really a great talk that does a great job of illustrating the importance of understanding how our brains work (psychology) and how we think (and risks in what we think we know – theory of knowledge) and how it relates to managing our organizations.

Interview: Chip Bell and Marshall Goldsmith on Art of Effective Mentoring


Bell and Marshall Goldsmith released the revised edition of their classic book “ Managers as Mentors: Building Partnerships for Learning ”. Leaders create learning organizations. The path of learning begins with the mentor’s genuineness and candor. Ethics.

Mentor 251

Value-Added Leadership

Strategy Driven

This ladder holds true for managers and employees within the organization, as well as outside consultants brought in. At whatever level one enters the ladder, he-she is trained, measured for performance and fits into the organization’s overall Big Picture. One rarely advances more than one rung on the ladder during the course of service to the organization in question: Resource. Organizational purpose, vision, quality of life, ethics, long-term growth.

The Transformational Leader: Compass to a New World, part 1

Strategy Driven

You will learn to: Assess and analyze your current situation. Build a learning organization that thrives on change. Win the hearts and minds of individuals, so they share and work toward your organization’s goals.