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Your Belief System–Is It Rock Solid?


by Gary Cohen Is your belief system–which is formed on the conditions, environment, and experiences you have had since you were born–rock solid? Belief System in Development. Since nobody has had exactly the same formative experiences, we all have unique belief systems. Belief System Awareness.

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Things Your Parents Said That Were Wiser Than We Knew

Kevin Eikenberry

There are things my parents told me a kid that have become a part of my belief system. Recently, I have been hearing my mom and dad in my ear. But when I thought about them as a leader, I gained a whole other level of insight. Because of this mental exercise, I decided to […].


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Labels Divide, Values Conquer

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton I have noticed that when people speak from LABELS (their group identity, their belief system, their affiliation), they are talking from the interests of that label. This can quickly become divisive if that label doesn't include everyone.

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Joseph Lalonde

For those that don’t know what deconstruction is, a simple definition may be: The systematic pulling apart of one’s belief system for examination. More than that, many leaders of the faith have begun to deconstruct what they’ve come to believe. Photo by Roel van Sabben on Unsplash.

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How to Bounce Forward When Life Throws You a Curve

Leading Blog

Resilience is rooted in our belief system. And like any test, it is designed to help you see where you stand. The way we think about a problem—our attitude about a problem—will determine how we handle the problem. How we come out on the other side is determined by our attitude.

How To 399
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The Role of Workplace Optimism in Building Trust

Lead Change Blog

Workplace optimism is not a viewpoint or belief system. Without workplace optimism talented people stay away from or leave companies. What’s left? Mediocre results, missed goals and unhappy people. It’s a cultural vibe that influences a positive work experience. [.] We help organizations redefine how they create value.

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What Type of Leadership Personality Do You Have?

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership Self-leadership depends upon your personality type If your innate personality and belief system does not comply with the leadership style you choose, your results will be less than desired. To succeed, choose a leadership style that [.].