Why Understanding Belief Systems is Critical for Leadership

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This was a reflection of his belief system, not a universal truth, and my business partner (a strong, successful and financially independent woman) told him so. She told him very respectfully that she has a different belief system. Being Open to Other Belief Systems.

Why Death of the Old Self is Critical to Leadership

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What gets in our way includes layers of old belief systems that we adopted from others that were never ours to begin with, or emotions like jealousy and feelings of insecurity that we picked up along the way from others who are plagued with them, and strapped onto our backs.

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Personal Ecology: Change Your Life to Change Your Leadership

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As leaders, we must understand the importance of our “Belief System” and how it influences us. One, simple example of this is a relationship I had with a man who grew up with a belief system that told him avoiding conflict was a good thing.

The “It’s Not You It’s Me” of Leadership

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What this means in simple terms is if I judge you in some way, my judgment is about me – a reflection of my belief systems and even of where I am “at” in my life – and not about you. Will you judge others who have a different belief system than you do?

Are You Anchored In Your Convictions?

Joseph Lalonde

Whenever I’d hear them spout off their beliefs, I secretly waited to hear them switch beliefs tomorrow. These friends were never anchored in their beliefs. The constantly changing beliefs made it hard for me to trust what they said.

The Role of Workplace Optimism in Building Trust

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Workplace optimism is not a viewpoint or belief system. Without trust extraordinary results aren’t possible. Without trust and extraordinary results workplace optimism is absent. Without workplace optimism talented people stay away from or leave companies. What’s left? Mediocre results, missed goals and unhappy people. It’s a cultural vibe that influences a positive work experience. [.] Author information Shawn Murphy Founder, Principal Consultant at Achieved Strategies.

Labels Divide, Values Conquer

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By Linda Fisher Thornton I have noticed that when people speak from LABELS (their group identity, their belief system, their affiliation), they are talking from the interests of that label. This can quickly become divisive if that label doesn't include everyone. If a label is broad enough - like the label "human" - it can automatically be an ethical and inclusive conversation. But since most labels aren't that broad, we need to use ethical values to guide us.

Vision, mission and values

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Your values are your belief system. Sometimes we can be too clever and in the process lose sight of what it is we are trying to achieve. Such is the case with vision, mission and values statements.

What Type of Leadership Personality Do You Have?

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Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership Self-leadership depends upon your personality type If your innate personality and belief system does not comply with the leadership style you choose, your results will be less than desired. You will come across as being phony, hard to communicate with and will be uncomfortable in your own skin. To succeed, choose a leadership style that [.]. Leadership Development Self Leadership Leadership Leadership Personality self-leadership

Diversity, Group Think and Few Ideas


They have a fortified belief system about how things should be done in the team. Group dynamics in a team is a strong force. People on the team are used to work in a certain way. They always encounter/expect some specific/known behaviors from their colleagues. There is a specific way of communication and often the

From Prostitutes and Drug Addicts


The Guardian : Chris Arnade finds some unexpected challenges to his belief system

Being a Responsible Leader

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A clear and established values and belief system also helps to smooth out irrational swings of behavior.” To be a responsible leader is to step forward into the space and the moment with an ‘I can and I will’ mindset to impact situations and systems for the greater good.” * * * Like us on Facebook for additional leadership and personal development ideas. * * *. There has always been a call for responsible leaders, but perhaps we just hear the call more clearly today.

The price is… er, ah, the price is ah…

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But the main reason salespeople get nervous about fee is that their belief system is weak. When belief is weak, price is a bigger barrier to the salesperson than it is to the customer. Your belief in what you sell is evident to the prospective buyer whether present or absent.

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Girls are Smarter than Boys, but do we Feel Worthy as Women?

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Instead, I wish to raise the question of whether women (in general, particularly women in business) experience a deficiency of belief in our own worthiness , and if this may be a large part of what is holding women back from C-Suite assignments.

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Pushing Past Your Limits


But what if you are limiting yourself with either your belief system or your biological system? by Gary Cohen. You have your limits. You believe you know what they are, and you likely adhere to them.

Is There a Life after Death?

Utpal Writes

For actions to happen, your belief systems play a significant part.

Character Lessons

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Together, these factors--governed by both our nature and the nurturing we receive--help shape the belief system and moral habits that form our character, and in turn, trigger the habitual behaviors that express it. By uncovering how (and if) the CEO understands his or her life story, this study reveals how these leaders'' life journeys shaped their moral beliefs and worldviews, and how those factors then influenced their guiding principles and character habits as leaders.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the job. Or is it?

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Here’s your self “why” test: Belief system failing in product – you don’t think your product is really better than the competition’s. Belief system failing in company – you’ve lost faith in the company’s ability to perform. Hate your job?

Work with Who Your People Are, Not Who You’d Like Them to Be

Great Leadership By Dan

In other words, rather than leaning on traditional tools like motivation and discipline, leaders must learn to embrace process and systems design that create a bias towards success.

Friday Five: The Art of Intentional Leadership


I love it when I read strong argumentation that alters my own belief system and offers a contrarian perspective on things I already believed in.

The Secret of Leaders Who Are Ahead of Their Time

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” I believe this premise wholeheartedly – that relationships are the foundation of business, not just between introverts and extroverts – which is why I never understood some people’s belief that emotions should never be part of business.

064: 5 Principles of Ultimate Influence: Turning Adversaries into Allies | with Bob Burg

Engaging Leader

Great influencers — whether CEOs, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, clergy, parents, teachers, etc. seem to have a knack for getting the results they want from people, but in a way that everyone is happy. And, these leaders are persuasive in the most positive and benevolent sense of the word.

6 Internal Sources Of Strength For Leaders To Develop

Tanveer Naseer

But too often, leaders focus so much on external factors that they neglect (or completely ignore) their internal resources: their attitudes, perspectives, motivation, and beliefs that make up their true selves. The following is a guest piece by Dr. Nancy D. O’Reilly, PsyD.

Why Self-Love is the Root of Strong Leadership

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It’s easier to find reasons why we can’t have it all than to do the hard work of forgiving others, forgiving ourselves, letting go of our resentments and old belief systems, and releasing all the blocks that hold us back.

Are You Following Your Dream or Someone Else’s?

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Then write down what stands in the way for you, be it fears, old belief systems, or aspects of your life you need to address. Are you living in a marriage where you have had to change who you are, or have lost sight of yourself completely, just to avoid conflict and minimize fear?

Leadership Tip: If you could only hear yourself


They give lip service to the changing world environment, but they haven’t fully incorporated these changes into their belief system. If you sense a disconnect between your belief system and the way the organization’s heading, don’t wait until you get push-back. I have the opportunity as an executive coach to sit in on different conferences around the world.

Three Strategies for the Sales Organizations of Fast Growth Companies

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Instead, they need to coach and mentor the rep to adopt the proper belief system to sell better. After working with countless fast growth companies in numerous industries, some obvious patterns have emerged as the senior leaders are trying to scale their sales organizations quickly. The issues typically appear in three specific areas: their choice in sales leadership, hiring standards for the salespeople, and how they coach and hold the salespeople accountable.

Are You Sure the Life You Are Living is Your Own?

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Then write down what stands in the way for you, be it fears, old belief systems, or aspects of your life you need to address. Are you living in a marriage where you have had to change who you are, or have lost sight of yourself completely, just to avoid conflict and minimize fear?

8 Leadership Podcasts I Listen To

Joseph Lalonde

On his show, he brings on entrepreneurs who have a Christian belief system. G reat leaders are constantly looking to increase their knowledge. They know the more they know (and apply), the more effectively they’ll lead.

Leading Through Global Tilt: My Interview with Ram Charan

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What would you advise a CEO who understands the importance of the Global Tilt, but whose board includes members from Northern countries, including Japan, who are risk-averse and set in old-world, command and control belief systems?

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14 Attributes of Great Coaches

Tim Milburn

Great coaches value imagination and creativity above a code of conduct or strategic system. Great coaches do not force their belief system on others. They know that if a player replaces his or her own belief with the coach’s belief, success will be short-lived at best.

Command-and-Control Management Style delivers the wrong message

Deming Institute

I wanted to direct my wrath at the manager, but my Deming brain knows the source of the behavior likely comes from something much more powerful – the corporate belief system. Writing up employees under such circumstances demonstrates how beliefs can extend to a ridiculous extreme.

Top 20 Leadership Chat Quotes on Leading with Feelings and Passion

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If you read through the transcript from Leadership Chat , you’ll see how this plays into the very different belief systems about leading with feelings, emotions and passion that came to light during the conversation.

5 Essential Traits Of An Impactful Leader

The Leadership Advisor

It is a public, yet intimate, look into our world view and belief system. The leadership space is a noisy one. There are degrees, courses, seminars, blogs and a list of other things as long as my leg that is meant to help people become better leaders.

Leadership Through a Transparent Lens

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Whether a potential leader is a religious one, a political icon, or a corporate magnate, the gold standard of influence remains the same: 1) I am a leader, these are the tenets of my belief system. Fiduciary responsibility is a two-way street paved with trust.

The Key to Winning in Global Markets

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As a Kellogg Graduate School of Management alumnus, it was a true honor to receive a copy of the most recent book by Philip Kotler , our prestigious S.C. Johnson and Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing.

What We Need: Compassionate Compliance


to a certain specific belief system, way of working or ideology). Compliance stems from our need to ensure certainty, reduce variability and adhere to a certain structure or model. Compliance may be explicit (e.g. to a certain process model like ISO) or it may be implicit (e.g.

Training vs. Learning: do you want to train? Or have someone learn?

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It's a systems/change problem. We all operate out of unique, internal systems comprised of mental models (rules, beliefs, history etc.) Our behaviors are the vehicles that represent these internal systems - our beliefs in action, if you will. Because anything new is a threat to our habitual and carefully (unconsciously) organized internal system (part of our limbic brain), we instinctively defend ourselves against anything 'foreign' that might seek to enter.

Do you have the character and characteristics of sales success?

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Their passion and their belief system is as contagious as their enthusiasm. Here is list of sales success characteristics. They represent the elements of what will make a salesperson successful.

10 Insights from the 100 Most Creative People in Business

In the CEO Afterlife

The tendency in any organization is to look for the 5 steps to do anything and make a system. It’s usually where someone’s belief system goes off the rails. Why is creativity so important in business? Because it is the idea, and not the money that drives entrepreneurship.