How to Make Your Management Process More Agile

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It’s the essence of agility. Why Agility is Important for Your Business. When a business prioritizes adopting an agile business model, they’re better able to weather business downturns and see challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation.

The ”New Normal” For The C-Suite – Learning Agile Leaders

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She needs her leadership team to collaborate across silos, make difficult strategic and operational decisions and lead with a more integrated “One Company” mindset. Learning agility is defined broadly as the ability to apply the lessons of the past to new and challenging situations.

Business Agility Is Really About Adaptability

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Most of my clients these days are seeking help in developing strategies that will enable them to become more agile and quick. But, many struggle to embrace the deeper implications of what that really means to build business agility. To close, business agility is about adaptability.

Management Agility

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Their book, "ACCELERATING PERFORMANCE: How Organizations Can Mobilize, Execute, and Transform with Agility" demonstrates a research-backed approach to how organizations and leaders can drive transformation in a highly disruptive, ever-changing world. Source: Colin Price: Accelerating Performance: How Organizations Can Mobilize, Execute, and Transform with Agility. "Warm and fuzzy" works well for internet memes--not for management advice. .

Agile Strategizing

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If organizations are to survive and thrive, they must shift their business models--and their leadership skills --to become 'adaptive firms.'. A key task for agile leaders is to build the organization's capacity to act over the short, medium and long term: Closing the implementation gap requires a strategizing approach, building momentum for change by making decisions and involving and enabling the teams who will implement them. Develop Leadership Skills: A Mobile Reference Guide.

If Your Business isn’t Agile, You Won’t Have a Future. It’s That Simple

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So rapid is the pace of new developments, and so diverse the forms of competition, that many large corporations struggle to be agile enough to compete. Not surprisingly, the need for organizational agility sits high on executive agendas everywhere.

Making Sense of Speed, Agility and Innovation

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Or what about being more “agile.” Agile was originally a software technique, meant to shorten software development times and make the development team more accountable to customer needs. From there, everyone is adopting the concept of “agile.” There’s agile marketing, introduced by thought leaders at CMG. Can agile help you win more? In truth, factors like speed, agility and innovation aren’t all that valuable by themselves.

3 Strategies that Minimize Hierarchy and Maximize Speed and Agility

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Bodies are agile. Organizational leaders try to increase speed and agility by removing layers from pyramids. But removing layers –… Continue reading → Communication Culture Success Teams Leadership Development Organizational Development organizational successThink of organizations as human bodies, not hierarchical pyramids. Pyramids house the dead.

New Book Announcement: Becoming Agile

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The new book, Becoming Agile: How the SEAM Approach to Management Builds Adaptability illustrates the process of becoming an agile organization. Becoming Agile Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership

Agile leadership: what it is and how to get it


There is a term for people that learn and are able to capitalize on it: “learning agility” Leaders who are agile learners are quick thinking, decisive, curious, intuitive and take (what others might call) risks. Agile leaders are exactly what we need in our organizations that are getting bigger, flatter, and more complex. Be reflective: Set aside time daily to reflect about what you’re learning in your quest to become more agile with your new experiences.

Agility, Daily Standups And Delighting Customers

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My two favorite learnings from Stephen Denning ’s new book, The Age of Agile: How Smart Companies Are Transforming theWay Work Gets Done , are the following: First, where Denning explains the 10 elements of an organization/company that is passionate about, and driven by, the goal of delighting customers. He explains the power of this daily practice at successfully agile companies: “In a daily standup, teams hold brief daily meetings to share progress and identify impediments for removal.

Agility: 8 Pillars For Building Self Organizing Teams


Last week, I was invited to speak as a panelist at Agile Carnival, Chandigarh where I expressed my thoughts on Agile as a method and as a mindset. Agility in our approaches is one of the most potent ways to deal with the challenges of a constantly changing world.

This is Critical to Building an Agile, Change Adaptive Organization

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” They identify five ways leaders can provide stronger change leadership: Don’t just set up training programs — create a learning culture. It’s been a vital focus for many of our leadership team retreats and culture development work.

How to Keep Your Team Agile and Aligned Under Pressure

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Management & Leadership business management corporate culture strategydriven Talent ManagementAs a leader, you are constantly trying to maximize the magical effort to effectiveness equation (a.k.a. efficiency).

Jon Younger and Norm Smallwood on “Agile Talent”: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris

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Jon Younger is founding partner of the Agile Talent Collaborative (and partner emeritus at the RBL Group where he established the firm’s HR transformation practice. He is well known and respected for his consulting in HR transformation, talent management, and change leadership. He is the author of 5 books including the new Agile Talent: How… Read More Jon Younger and Norm Smallwood on “Agile Talent”: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris.

Friday Fun – LEAN working, Agile, and proactive leadership #408 #ff

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LEAN working, Agile, and proactive leadership. A little something before the weekend: Friday Fun – LEAN working, Agile, and proactive leadership #408 #ff This cartoon has been produced by Jon Carter with thanks. The post Friday Fun – LEAN working, Agile, and proactive leadership #408 #ff appeared first on RapidBI. cartoon #funfriday agile working cartertoon

Size And Stability Are Trumped By Quickness And Agility

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Size and stability are trumped by quickness and agility,” add authors Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich. Arthur Yeung Dave Ulrich Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Leadership Books Reinventing Reinvention

How to Seize Opportunity in a World of Disruption

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Agile organizations treat disruption and adversity as opportunities.” In this environment of constant change, I often hear that we should be agile. They define agility and offer leaders a roadmap for navigating change. AGILITY aims to address this urgent need.

Jon Younger and Norm Smallwood on “Agile Talent”: Part 2 of an interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Jon Younger is founding partner of the Agile Talent Collaborative (and partner emeritus at the RBL Group where he established the firm’s HR transformation practice. He is well known and respected for his consulting in HR transformation, talent management, and change leadership. He is the author of 5 books including the new Agile Talent: How… Read More Jon Younger and Norm Smallwood on “Agile Talent”: Part 2 of an interview by Bob Morris.

Scaling Leadership

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T HE INEVITABLE CONSEQUENCE of leading in an increasingly complex world is that we will have developmental gaps in our leadership. The solution is to scale our leadership. Leadership must learn to scale itself, but not any kind of leadership will do.

Building Agile Organizations: Adapting Faster


Books Guest Blogger LeadershipMaking your organization a well-oil machine, that operates faster and more efficiently, is something every business has been after for years. Here’s how to do it. Today’s post is by Maureen Metcalf, a principle here at thoughtLEADERS. Many organizations feel the need to be thinner, faster, stronger, more adaptable, more profitable, etc. The right toolset […]. This is only the beginning of the thought.

Scaling Leadership

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Are you a High-Creative leader, capable of rapidly growing your organization while simultaneously transforming it into a more agile, innovative, adaptive, and engaging workplace? Or are you a High-Reactive leader, who practices leadership that cancels itself out and seriously limits scale?

Agile 360?s Radical Leap

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Agile360 (a division of Entisys Solutions) has woven the principles of Extreme Leadership –Love, Energy, Audacity, and Proof–into their physical space and company culture in a deeply significant way. Here’s the story of Agile360 and their Extreme Leadership culture.

126: Holacracy – An Agile Management System for a Rapidly Changing World | with Brian Robertson

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On Engaging Leader, we’ve often discussed how 21st-century teams require going beyond traditional command-and-control leadership (which I call Influence 2.0) Team leadershipHolacracy is a fundamentally different “operating system” for organizations.

Leading Your Army: Is This Really the One You Wanted?

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appeared first on RapidStart Leadership. Building Teams and Culture Leadership Concepts agility building teams culture leadership training your armyIf leading your army feels like a parade, you might be doing it wrong.

Weekly Round-Up: Leadership Vitality: Agile vs. Erratic, Unengaged Employees, ‘Shoes Off’ Leadership, Seeing Weakness Is Not a Strength, & the Science Behind Performance


Welcome to my weekly round-up of recent top leadership and communication blog posts. As many of you know, each week I read and tweet several great articles and on Fridays, I pull some of my favorites together here on my blog.

Leadership Caffeine—Becoming Agile and Adaptable is THE Leadership Issue

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The Leadership Caffeine™ series is intended to make you think and act. Art of Managing Leadership Caffeine Management Innovation Strategy Adaptability teams The New Leader— What if everything that used to work for your business no longer did? The business challenge of this era for long established firms is much about escaping the powerful pull of the past. Approaches that worked so well for so long are […].

The Fundamentals of Tomorrow’s Leadership, the Basics with a Twist

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Guest post from Fiona Murden : In 1998 I graduated from business school feeling I knew all there was to know about leadership. Whilst we may now add in ‘he or she’ into this quote today, people are people and as the human brain has evolved very little (if at all) over the centuries the fundamentals of good leadership have also remained largely unchanged. As a result, those critical aspects of good leadership become even more important. Curiosity for Agility.

In 100 Words: Agility and Embracing Uncertainty


Sketch Notes career growth Leadership learning Seth Godin successWe are comfortable with what is predictable. This impacts our choices because we want to maximize the chances of success. Then, once in a while, we are thrown into situations where we have no control.

142: That’s Not How We Do It Here! — How to Stay Agile and Innovative as a Mature Company | with John Kotter

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Most mature organizations have a built-in tendency to kill off anything agile, innovative, and entrepreneurial — which often is exactly what’s needed to stay ahead of today’s ever-increasing pace of change in the […] Increasingly, large organizations are finding their competitive landscape changing so quickly that they’re unable to respond fast enough to survive and thrive.

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Leadership at Scale the McKinsey Way

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B EFORE YOU BEGIN your next leadership development program, read this. It is not uncommon to hear leaders complain that leadership development programs are not delivering the effective leaders necessary to execute their strategies and purpose. Leadership at Scale Diamond.

Agility in Process Improvement Initiatives


Bottom line: In an agile business environment where change is not only constant but rapid, we need agility in how we improve. Leadership Leading Change Process Improvement Quality Improvement change QualityThe pace of change is accelerating and business leaders who are responsible for improvements need keep up with the pace. While plan-do-check-act methodology has been around for long, the time it took was way longer.

What is Synchronized Leadership?

General Leadership and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! “The single most important element of success in war is leadership.” The post What is Synchronized Leadership?

Leadership According to a Horse

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Increasingly organisations are realizing the power of shared leadership and collective teams to help them navigate this volatile marketplace. In a herd of horses, leadership is shared. The Diamond Model of Leadership. Team Dynamics Communication Leadership team Teamwork

Reshaping Leadership

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New data-driven capabilities are breaking down barriers between formerly siloed business units, flattening out management structures and streamlining production processes, prompting many firms to redraw leadership roles and responsibilities, according to information-technology executives, industry analysts and management consultants. They are broadening the use of so-called agile management techniques, known for shorter and more frequent development cycles that make use of customer data.

Leadership: A Sense of Purpose

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Our purpose is the foundation of our leadership and life. To find your leadership purpose, ask the following questions: What are my skills, talents, abilities and passion? The post Leadership: A Sense of Purpose appeared first on Lolly Daskal.

Leadership: It Either Scales and Grows, or Destroys

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Scaling Leadership provides a proven framework for magnifying agile and scalable leadership in your organization by multiplying high-achieving leaders at scale. What compelled you to write Scaling Leadership ? We studied the written comments (senior leaders providing written feedback to other senior leaders about what makes them effective and/or ineffective) to learn how leaders describe leadership—what works and what does not.

How Much Do You Invest in Leadership Development?

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When cultural change abounds, the irony I frequently observe is organisations engage in less leadership development, rather than more. High on leadership, low on resources. Her situation demands better strategic thinking, more creativity and innovation, and greater agility and responsiveness. However, I remain unconvinced about how effectively organisations are investing in leadership development to meet today’s challenges.

You Should Never “Arrive”

General Leadership and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! The post You Should Never “Arrive” appeared first on General Leadership.

Leadership and Digital Transformation

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Beating your competition to the future will be accomplished by those companies with vision, talent, grit, purpose, agility, creativity, commitment and determination – not just those organizations with bigger budgets.

January 2017 Leadership Development Carnival

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Welcome to the January 2017 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! Chris Edmonds of the Purposeful Culture Group contributed Culture Leadership Charge: The Right Culture Matters. David shares a better way to meet your leadership challenges.”

First Look: Leadership Books for January 2019

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Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in January 2019. Scaling Leadership : Building Organizational Capability and Capacity to Create Outcomes that Matter Most. Adams Is your leadership built for scale as you advance in today’s volatile and disruptive business environment? Build your leadership library with these specials on over 39 titles. Don't miss out on other great new and future releases.

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quickpoint: Strategy and Leadership

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Professor David Teece of University of California Berkeley Hass School of Business shares this in the foreword of Winning the Long Game : A firm’s dynamic capabilities rest on two pillars: ( 1 ) the vision and leadership skills of managers, and ( 2 ) the cohesion and flexibility of the organization as a whole. Leaders must fashion sound strategies for the enterprise, and the organization itself must be agile enough to adapt as required.