Register Now for Human Capital Institute (HCI) Webinar on Connection Culture

Michael Lee Stallard

I’m excited to share that I’ll be participating in the Human Capital Institute’s (HCI) #StorytellingTuesday webinar series on Tuesday, November 20, 2018. The post Register Now for Human Capital Institute (HCI) Webinar on Connection Culture appeared first on Michael Lee Stallard

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Virtually Attend HCI’s National Human Capital Summit

Michael Lee Stallard

Tomorrow night I will attend the awards ceremony for the Management Innovation Exchange’s HCI Human Capital M-Prize. This afternoon I’ll be speaking at the National Human Capital Summit in Atlanta. You can attend the event online by registering at this link.

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HCI M-Prize - Enter Your Best Idea! @hackmanagement @human_capital

Management Craft

Last year I had the pleasure of participating in, and winning , the HCI M-Prize competition for management innovation. The contest is put on my Gary Hamel's Management Innovation Exchange (the MiX) and the Human Capital Institute (HCI). I am also very thankful to have met the great people at the MiX and at HCI. Breakthroughs Current Affairs Management OD hackmanagement hci m-prize management innovation exhange

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HCI Summit Next Week - FREE Pass to Virtual Conf #ASTD #SHRM

Management Craft

I will be in Atlanta next week at the HCI Human Capital Summit (I was invited to attend because my M-Prize entry was selected as a semi-finalist). The folks over at the HCI Institute (the global association for talent management and new economy leadership) are offering to let Management Craft readers and friends attend the virtual conference for free! Current Affairs HR Management OD Dan Pink Gary Hamel HCI human capital management conference talent management

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Hacks and Square Pegs

Lead Change Blog

Leadership Development HCI Leadership MIXPosted in Leadership Development [link] Our own Instigator, Jane Perdue (@thehrgoddess) has a “hack” posted over at Gary Hamel’s Management Information Exchange titled Square Pegs, Sacred Cows and Starting Over with Leadership that you should check out. Jane has some radical ideas about how to transform some the workplace by overturning some generally accepted practices and sacred cows in modern [.].

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Thanks HCI For Naming This Blog In Your Best Blogs - Talent 2011

Eric Jacobson

A big thanks to Human Capital Institute (HCI) for including my blog on management and leadership in its list of the Best Blogs - Talent 2011. HCI is a global association for talent management and new economy leadership, and a clearinghouse for best practices and new ideas.

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So Thrilled to Have Won the HCI M-Prize #HCISummit @hackmanagement

Management Craft

Tonight was the awards ceremony for the HCI M-Prize at the HCI Summit. And I am humbled and honored to let you know that my hack/idea won the grand prize! It was great experience and I feel lucky to have met several of my fellow M-prize semi-finalists at the ceremony. You can check out all 10 semi-finalists here. My hack/idea is called, Start with a better question to create a better talent management system – The Talent Management Cloud.

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Will you comment and vote for my hack on MIX #TalentManagement? #HCI ASAP please

Management Craft

The prize is recognition and an invitation to speak at the HCI conference. I just posted an idea (hack) on the Management Innovation Exchange website as part of the M-prize contest. Today is the last day to enter and I should not have waited this long to get it up there. But I did. I do think the idea is very useful - reinventing how we look at talent management (all managers, please take note).

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Short Video About the Conundrum of Most #TalentManagement Systems #SHRM

Management Craft

Polly LaBarre, over at the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX) recently posted a short video clip she took of me talking about talent management at the HCI Summit in Atlanta (regarding my M-Prize topic). HR Management OD hackmanagement hci m-prize m-prize polly labarre talent management

Human Capital Institute's Employee Engagement Conference

Michael Lee Stallard

Michael Lee Stallard Insights on Leadership and Employee Engagement Home About Hire to Speak Press Kit Human Capital Institute’s Employee Engagement Conference Published by Michael Lee Stallard on August 26, 2010 06:27 pm under employee engagement On October 6, I’ll be speaking about leadership, employee motivation, productivity and innovation at the Human Capital Institute’s Employee Engagement and Retention Conference in Boston.

Talent Management Malleability? #hci2011engage

Management Craft

I will be part of a panel discussion at the HCI conference in Chicago next week (my surgery is 7/13) and will be talking talent management. HR OD agility HCI HR m-prize talent managementOne of the thoughts that I hope to banter about with the participants is how we balance the needs for simplicity and consistency with the need to be flexible and agile. Are they mutually exclusive? No, of course, not. But these ideas can be in conflict depending on how we use them.

Vision and Pride, Values and Support, Teams 2.0 @MichaelStallard at the #HCISummit

Management Craft

My pal and fellow blogger and author, Michael Stallard just spoke at the HCI Summit. HR Management OD connection engagement HCI Michael Stallard team developmentI have known Michael for a couple of years (check out my podcast with him here ) but this was the first time we met face-to-face and it was awesome to chat with Michael in person. Michael's book, Fired Up of Burned Out offers a great look at how to create a connection culture.

Possibility Maximizer: Human Capital Institute's Top Talent Blogs

Sales Wolf Blog

The Resource: Human Capital Institute's Top 50 Talent Blogs What it is: Each year the analysts at the Human Capital Institute (HCI) evaluate hundreds of blogs in an effort to identify the top talent blogs to follow over the coming year. Each week I like to feature a resource that I feel can help you to grow as a business professional that Maximizes Possibility in your organization.

Enter Your #Management Ideas for @human_capital M-Prize @hackmanagement

Management Craft

A couple of weeks ago I suggested that you share your best ideas and enter the HCI M-Prize (hosted by HCI and the Management Innovation eXchange) for management innovation. Also, the fine folks at HCI are sharing the following discount with Management Craft readers (I get no cut of this, just passing the info along) for their Learning and Leadership Development Conference (virtual conference admission, no travel required!).

How Leaders Are Creating Engagement In Today’s Workplaces

Tanveer Naseer

This was the focus of HCI’s 2012 Employee Engagement Conference where business leaders from NIKE, Warner Bros. If there’s one topic that continues to persist in the minds and radars of most leaders today, it’s the issue of employee engagement. Specifically, how do we go about fostering an engaged workforce when we have fewer resources, more competition, and need to accomplish more in less time.

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Start Your New Hires Off Successfully | Onboarding

Chart Your Course

But according to a report by HCI, 69% of the new hires are more likely to remain with their organization after three years and are more engaged. By Gary Sorrel per blog post on TTIInsights Do you start your new hires off correctly on day one? According to research done by Human Capital Institute, 70% of new hires decide to stay or leave a company within the first six months.

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#Coaching, OD, and Talent Management #ASTD

Management Craft

I added TONS more information and detail to my HCI M-Prize contest entry on the Management eXchange site. Three things to share: 1. I was on Ms. Melanie's radio show called SPARK last night. We had a great conversation about coaching and middle management. You can download or listen to the show here. Thanks, Melanie, for having me on your show! Interested in talent management? Please, please, please check it out, rate my idea and leave a comment.

How Do You Show Up As A Leader In Your Organization?

Tanveer Naseer

It’s a thought that came to mind after attending the HCI Human Capital Summit last week. Most of us understand that to be successful in leadership, we need to be aware of what and how we communicate. Of ensuring that we actively listen to what those around us are saying, and sometimes what they’re not saying. And yet, how many of us are also mindful of how we show up in these moments, of how present and engaged we are in those conversations with those we lead?

What Leaders Can Do To Encourage Learning And Growth

Tanveer Naseer

This was also the focus of last week’s HCI Learning and Leadership Development conference where leaders from a wide range of industries and backgrounds offered their viewpoints and experiences on learning, leadership and fostering growth in your organization. Among the many responsibilities that come with leadership, one that I’m particularly passionate about is facilitating the learning and growth of those you serve.

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"Neither management authority nor logic are compelling enough to create commitment." @stanslap #hci2011engage

Management Craft

I am in Chicago for the HCI engagement and retention conference. I am looking forward to surgery tomorrow, so this will likely be my last post for a little while. I thought I would keep is short but deep and Stan Slap's this morning provided good fuel. You can check out his book, Burn My Heart In Conference Room B here. I love this quote from his talk: "You will never really work for your company until it really works for you."

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There Will Always Be Limits to How Creative a Computer Can Be

Harvard Business

Given these limitations, my co-author and I have proposed a solution: a new human-computer interface (HCI) that allows humans and computers to work together to counter each other’s weaknesses. Jennifer Maravillas for HBR. Artificial intelligence is disturbing the workforce, and will continue to do so as its capabilities increase.

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