Start Your New Hires Off Successfully | Onboarding

Chart Your Course

But according to a report by HCI, 69% of the new hires are more likely to remain with their organization after three years and are more engaged. Career Growth Path – Let employees know the opportunities for advancement. By Gary Sorrel per blog post on TTIInsights Do you start your new hires off correctly on day one? According to research done by Human Capital Institute, 70% of new hires decide to stay or leave a company within the first six months.

What Leaders Can Do To Encourage Learning And Growth

Tanveer Naseer

This was also the focus of last week’s HCI Learning and Leadership Development conference where leaders from a wide range of industries and backgrounds offered their viewpoints and experiences on learning, leadership and fostering growth in your organization. Among the many responsibilities that come with leadership, one that I’m particularly passionate about is facilitating the learning and growth of those you serve.

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