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How to inform manager about a new job offer

HR Digest

Give a proper notice and serve out that period without giving the management any opportunity to point fingers. The post How to inform manager about a new job offer appeared first on The HR Digest. Make a graceful exit, giving no chance to anyone to give a bad review to future employers.

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Leadership Caffeine at Information Management and New Newsletter Resource

Management Excellence

Two news items here at Management Excellence: First, as of February 1, 2012, the good folks at Information Management are kindly syndicating selected posts from my blog at their resource rich website: under my name and the Leadership Caffeine label.


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Why Informal Management Is Sometimes the Best Way to Go @wallybock

Management Craft

You've noticed an employee taking long lunch hours. You write him up for the infraction. Problem solved, right? Maybe the employee had a perfectly valid reason for the long lunches. So now he takes exactly 1-hour lunches but he gets sneaky in order to accomplish what he has to.

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The Future of Work: Embracing Digital Work Environments

Strategy Driven

Organizations must prioritize cybersecurity strategies to protect their sensitive information. Managing Remote Teams: Effective management of remote teams requires clear communication, trust, and the use of performance metrics that focus on output rather than hours logged.

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3 Critical Skills of Effective Leaders.

Rich Gee Group

Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip CEO CFO Coaching Communication Delegation Information Management Motivation Obstacles Performance VP' The post 3 Critical Skills of Effective Leaders. appeared first on Rich Gee Group.

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How To Find The Right Suppliers For Your Business

Strategy Driven

With the help of a Supplier Information Management System, you can search for the right suppliers for you. These platforms work by collecting data about suppliers, helping businesses to make an informed choice. Before you commit to working with a supplier you might like to check out any reviews and testimonials on offer.

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Email management. a big deal? Maybe, maybe not

Jason Womack

If you navigate on over to, and do a little searching, you'll find a bunch of articles on productivity, time-and-information management, and even email organization ideas!