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The After Action Review: A Leader’s Guide

RapidStart Leadership

How do you improve your team with an After Action Review? The After Action Review (AAR) is a deceptively simple yet powerful way to stimulate the growth and performance of any group of people. The post The After Action Review: A Leader’s Guide appeared first on RapidStart Leadership.

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How to Perform a High Quality After Action Review

Nathan Magnuson

The After Action Review (AAR) was originally developed by the U.S. Here are several simple tips for performing high quality after action reviews. After action reviews might seem like extra work, but it’s critical work. It’s time to get some feedback. What do you do next?


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6 Ways to Use Your Journal to Become a Better Leader

Lead Change Blog

Use Your Journal for Personal After-Action Review. The military uses after-action reviews to critique operational performance. During the day, capture your thoughts about what you did and how you could do it better. Record those things in your journal. Then reflect on them and change your behavior.

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How Do I Build Leadership Tenacity and Grit?

Let's Grow Leaders

Do after-action reviews. Life-long learning. 11:00 Getting into leadership development with your team. Be the lead learner. Model a growth mindset. Harness the collective genius of the group. Schedule the finish. Add up the years of experience on your team.

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A Better Approach to After-Action Reviews

Harvard Business Review

Three myths that impede their proper use — and three strategies to help your team make the most of the practice.

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Now’s the Time to Reflect on Your Internal Communications Effectiveness During the Pandemic


Think of this as your “after action review.” As you begin to reflect on internal communications, push yourself to move beyond the anecdotal and test your experience so you can think through how you want to rebuild. It’s important to be as brutally honest as possible. We propose taking this 3-step approach:

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Do you Want to Become More Capable? Or, Your Team? – Learn to Conduct Your Own After Action Review(s)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Imagine you had enough money to hire a one-on-one companion, a coach, for every employee. What would happen? First, every employee would be noticeably more productive. Second, every employee would stretch to become better. You would have someone saying, all the time, to each and every employee, “you did this well, and this is what [.].