From OK To Extraordinary: How To Find The Elusive “It”

Terry Starbucker

There were no numbers, no statistics, no bullet points, and no exit strategies. “They just don’t have it. ” “ It’s not there.” ” “I can’t find it. ” “I’ve got it!” ” “He’s got it!” ” “She’s got it!” ” We’re all looking for this thing, this “ it “ The difference maker.

Thoughts on Firing People in Ministry

Ron Edmondson

And we should be gracious and generous in the exit strategy, and be willing to walk with the person through the recovery process as much as is reasonable and welcomed by the released person. This is a difficult post. About a difficult issue. One we don’t necessarily like to talk about. But sometimes we must. I came out of a business background, so some things that are done in ministry are different for me. And, frankly, many should be.

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5 Suggestions When Firing Someone in Ministry

Ron Edmondson

This could be financial, but it could also be in the way you allow an exit to take place. Grace should also be extended in creating an exit strategy that protects the person’s future employment possibilities, as much as possible. Hopefully, by this point, there has been sufficient due process and fair warning, except in cases where an immediate exit is the only option. My post on firing people in ministry created a great deal of interest.

If You're Out to Change the World, How Do You Know When to Move On?

Harvard Business Review

A certain phrase has gained currency in my world lately: the notion that a social enterprise must have an "exit strategy." At least in my corner of the social enterprise world (the part that focuses on communities'' access to good water), I have yet to see a successful, strategic exit. If we truly planned for return-maximizing exits — made that the explicit objective and kept our sights on it throughout — much about our programming and behavior would change.

Turn Yourself Into a Star Sales Leader

Harvard Business Review

Have an exit strategy. To avoid that, you need to have an exit strategy at the outset. You are a star salesperson. And after years of exceptional performance, you''ve just become the sales leader. How can you translate star sales performance into star sales leadership? If you are like many sales leaders I''ve worked with your first impulse will be to try to clone yourself — that is to inject some of your star power into as many sales calls as you can.

Avoiding the Soft "Yes"

Harvard Business Review

The project team had spent the past six months designing a new strategy to accelerate growth in a critical emerging market for a multibillion-dollar multinational. This happens when executives get jazzed about a broad innovation strategy, nod their head vigorously in support of it, but stop short of committing real, tangible resources, however modest. Consider creating an exit strategy in case things don''t go according to plan.