IT on Steroids: The Benefits (and Risks) of Accelerating Technology

Harvard Business Review

In 2008, RIM tried to match the new competitor. However, the new handset, its software, and the available applications all failed to excite critics and customers. When it comes to innovation in industries with strategically narrow windows of opportunities, speed is everything.

CIO 16

Do You Have the IT For the Coming Digital Wave?

Harvard Business Review

With a tsunami of new digital technologies all converging simultaneously — social, mobile, cloud, analytics and embedded devices — there has been, once again, a cry for corporate IT to radically change to enable the digital transformation of businesses.

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Feeling Stumped? Innovation Software Can Help

Harvard Business Review

Imagine a team at a ski company that's faced with a big problem: When skiers make sharp turns at high speeds, the edges of their skis lift from the snow, causing the skiers to sometimes lose control. The team needed to lessen the vibrations of its skis. In some violins, they discovered, there's a special layer — a metal grid — that helps to stabilize the instrument, and reduce unwanted vibrations. But for a long time they weren't easy to find.