All Boards Need a Technology Expert

Harvard Business Review

Like almost every other major industry today, banking relies on hugely complex, enormously expensive technology. I discovered that only one bank had a board member with some direct experience in technology and in that case it was as a sales executive. Technology is the most important agent of change today; hardly any industry is immune to both its value-creating and disruptive potential. The truth is that many industries today employ outdated technology.

7 No-Fail Ways to Build a Successful Cost Management Strategy

The Kini Group

After all, your human resources team costs money. Frameworks like Zero Base Budgeting can also provide detailed analysis and deep visibility into costs that typically fly under the radar. Companies often have too many resources on one project. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your resources and try new processes out. Many managers don’t like to review their operations and budgets too closely. Technology can also help cut costs.