Why Peter Drucker’s Writing Still Feels So Relevant

Harvard Business

The upper middle classes of turn-of-the-century Vienna emphasized education, culture, art, music, historical consciousness, urbanity, and international openness, and Drucker learned from an astonishing array of his contemporaries — in his memoirs, Adventures of a Bystander, he recalls his acquaintances with luminaries like Buckminster Fuller, the physicist, and Marshall McLuhan, the communication scientist who popularized the phrase “global village.”

A Company Without Job Titles Will Still Have Hierarchies

Harvard Business Review

The term “holarchy” made its debut in Ghost in the Machine , a analysis of the human brain and its failings penned by Arthur Koestler in 1967. Status even surpasses education and income, two factors that usually determine how healthy an individual can be throughout their life. Radically flat. That’s the management goal that Tony Hseih, founder of e-commerce giant Zappos, aims to achieve by the end of 2014.