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Five Strategies for Nonprofit Innovation


Dependence limits innovative thinking. And earlier this year, New York’s Mayor Bloomberg doled out awards specifically recognizing the city’s most innovative nonprofits. Innovation is about partnerships. Innovation business model innovation kaplan nonprofit

Intelligent Redesign of Health Care

Harvard Business Review

Kaplan and Michael E. The results are often surprising; for example in the pilot project described in Kaplan’s and Porter’s 2011 HBR article , one finding was that most providers’ existing cost systems underestimate the cost of new patient evaluation services by 15% to 20%.

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Don't Wait for Change

Harvard Business Review

Offering not much more than the chance to make a difference (and travel expenses) his line up eventually included Fast-Company Founder Bill Taylor ; Saul Kaplan , who runs the Business Innovation Factory in Providence; Whitney Johnson , founding partner of Rose Park Advisors; Lara Lee, the Chief Innovation and Operating Officer of Continuum; and a dozen others (including me). Change management Innovation

Reflecting on David Garvin’s Imprint on Management

Harvard Business Review

Kaplan’s balanced scorecard or Clayton Christensen’s disruptive innovation. I’ll fast-forward through the next decade, when Garvin, trained in operations, helped to answer the question much of America was obsessed with at the time: How Japanese automakers could make higher-quality, more-reliable cars than Americans, while charging less for them. Managing organizations Managing people Operations Digital Article

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