"We've got to grow together." the quote of the evening!

Jason Womack

Last Tuesday, I had a great dinner with a new friend just outside of Boston, founder of Elite Leadership Solutions: Bob Maitland. During our conversation, he told me about the business incubator program at Hannah Grimes , here in Keene, NH. With today's movement to "think global and act local," or to work and live as a "local-vore," it is interesting to think that in those days way back then, EVERY one supported local - local government, local education, local markets.

Where to Find Authentic Entrepreneurs

Harvard Business Review

I still remember when Steve Jobs was featured in business school case studies as an example of bad leadership style. Coming out of Peru, you’ll find Kola Real, formed during a coup d’état in 1988, not exactly an ideal environment for business incubation. Companies and venture capitalists chase hot markets. Entries into markets triggered more entries, and markets that saw companies fleeing went cold.

The Economy of Punishment

Harvard Business Review

And relatedly, how do we recognize a black-market innovator who may have all the talent of a Richard Branson or a Jay-Z, but lacks the opportunities for a leg-up in the formal economy? That is to say, given the applied "street smarts" and talent — the art of the hustle, the leadership and prowess of running a drug business — what is it all worth? We love hearing historical stories about Robin Hood-like men, about bank robbers, pirates and outlaws on the run.