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Joint Ventures Reduce the Risk of Major Capital Investments

Harvard Business

For instance, the cost of building and equipping a leading-edge semiconductor fab has climbed to $7 billion, as the technology required to make more advanced chips is getting more complex. The latest nuclear reactor designs, promising higher safety, longer operating life, and lower operating costs, cost up to $25 billion after factoring in the huge budget overruns. Model 1: Virtual operator. Benefits and risks of co-opetition.

Old Management Systems Stifle New Business Models

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Ask anyone in technology. Instead, they’re taught to focus on their income statement and optimize their operations around preserving profitability. On a short-term basis, the only thing they can expect in return for focusing on data is the headaches that follow from explaining, justifying, and evaluating their operations to colleagues and investors. We need to mark our information assets to market or depreciate them as they become obsolete.