Say “Hi” and “Bye”

Michael Lee Stallard

Update: Howard Behar, former President of Starbucks North America and Starbucks International, and I co-authored an article entitled “ Leadership Myopia ” that appears in the August edition of Leadership Excellence alongside articles by well known leadership experts Gary Hamel, Marshall Goldsmith and Patrick Lencioni. On October 10, I will give a keynote speech at the Retailing Summit held in Dallas, Texas.

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The Power of Intent

Harvard Business Review

Prahalad and Gary Hamel referred to that in an award-winning HBR article Strategic Intent. As Hamel and Prahalad point out, a snapshot by itself yields little information about "whether the driver is out for a quiet Sunday drive or warming up for the Grand Prix.". Despite the volatile world economy and the damage to the company's plants caused by the recent earthquake in Japan, he has committed to an ambitious plan: To boost Nissan's global market share and profits to 8% by 2016.

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Three Ways CIOs Can Connect with the C-Suite

Harvard Business Review

CIOs must lead the charge in getting other executives to understand that the game has changed, and explore strategies and tactics to win it and keep pace with global market changes. Gary Hamel maintains that the key to future success is management innovation. There is a marked dissonance between CIOs and the C-suite — a fact that we uncovered in new research conducted with HBR, The Economist, CEB, and TNS Global.

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Do Customers Even Care about Your Core Competence?

Harvard Business Review

When Prahalad and Hamel published their classic HBR article The Core Competence of the Corporation in 1990, they called out three essential criteria: difficult for competitors to emulate or imitate; reusable throughout the enterprise for enabling products and service; and, last but not least, a contributor to perceived and experienced customer value and benefit. A provocative—possibly apocryphal—story has the late C.K.

The Metamorphosis of the CIO

Harvard Business Review

In the same way that markets have always outperformed command economies, the transactional efficiencies possibly lost are more than made up for by the ecosystems value effectiveness. Digital business ecosystems dynamically create and operate value chains that extend their participants'' markets. Traditional economic frictions and barriers to market entry are disappearing. As we all know, the very nature of the enterprise is changing.