5 Early Warning Signals for a BPI Project

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Let’s look at the stages of the BPM Methodology and identify early warning signals and then suggest some countermeasures that are helpful to get things righted again. Or, pick a different process where there is the appropriate Process Owner with commitment to the BPI project.

Macro Maps Help You Align Processes and Strategy

Strategy Driven

Shelley Sweet, the Founder and President of I 4 Process , and author of The BPI Blueprint , is a highly respected BPM Practitioner. Want to learn more about BPM metrics? Relate Articles: Risk Management Best Practice 3 – Procedure Annotation and Commitment Tracking.

How Cloud Computing Is Changing Management

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Client-server technology begat enterprise resource planning systems, and the consequent system-wide visibility that was required for what we call business process management (BPM). BPM reflected the interactions of different stakeholders, from product creation through supply chain to final assembly. As customers of public clouds typically rent computation instead of buying assets, IT spending moves from a fixed capital commitment to a more flexible operating expense.

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