3 Ways To Harness The Power Of Differences

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If ignored or met with intolerance or indifference, these dissimilarities can be divisive, even lethal for career or business success. Professor Donald Sull calls it active inertia, an organization’s tendency to follow established patterns of behavior. Being together again after so many years was pure delight. The connection took up as if we were finishing a conversation begun only the day before. Familiarity is so comforting.

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Before You Agree to Take on New Work, Ask 3 Questions

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” Donald Sull and Dominic Houlder suggest creating a worksheet with four columns. An attorney I work with frequently feels she should go into the office on weekends in order to prove her commitment to her career. During the 2009 recession, I took a high-profile job with a marketing agency. On the surface, it looked like a dream opportunity. The clients were big, the pay was excellent, and given the economic climate at the time, I considered myself lucky.

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