Sun.Mar 19, 2017

3 Questions that Give Legs to Your Dreams

Leadership Freak

“I’m living the dream,” is sarcasm. The only dream you’re living includes stinky sweat and purposeful perseverance. The only thing easy about big dreams is dreaming them. 3 myths about big dreams: Myth… Continue reading → Vision

Leaders Made Here

Kevin Eikenberry

By Mark Miller Mark Miller is a smart executive who has written several popular books about leadership. His style is to write about important topics using the fable approach; so his books are stories that make important points and leave lasting impressions. His earlier books, like most in this genre, focus on topics for an […]. The post Leaders Made Here appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning. Leadership & Supervisory Skills book leadership culture


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How To Overcome Organizational Drag

Eric Jacobson

The average company loses more than 25 percent of its productive power to organization drag , reports the authors of the new book, Time, Talent, Energy: Overcome Organizational Drag and Unleash Your Team's Productive Power. Organizational drag is all the practices, procedures, and structures that waste time and limit output.

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Three Elements To Apologizing

Eric Jacobson

The following great advice about how to apologize is from the book, The Courage Solution , by Mindy Mackenzie. She recommends you include these three elements when you apologize: Actually say "I'm sorry" out loud, while making eye contact, if possible. Acknowledging your error by adding the phrase "I was wrong.but more importantly, you were right." Asking humbly, "How can I fix this?"

Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template

When it comes to benefits, communication is critical. To help you easily explain your offerings at open enrollment, Paycor created an open enrollment sample letter (and a few tips). Download this free Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template today.