The Skills that Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Strategy Driven

Teamwork/leadership. One of the top skills required by all those starting a business is leadership and teamwork.

Flexible With People and Rigid With Timelines

The Recovering Engineer

Many of them focused on the checklists, charts, graphs, and planning tools necessary to plan and track project progress and milestone completion. I have used task lists and planning tools that include PERT and Gantt charts. Successful project managers get work done on time and within budget because they know how to work with people and not because they know how to create a perfect Gantt chart.


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Managing a Remote Team: 12 Best Practices for Better Productivity

Strategy Driven

Have a section in your cloud-based tool where members can easily view a team tree charting who’s reporting to whom, who’s leading whom, who’s working on what, and when they’re expected to deliver. Management & Leadership Maricel Rivera mobile teams productivity remote teams strategydriven The remote and mobile workforce population is steadily rising. Even IBM adjusted its HR policies to accommodate remote workers.

Adding Value: A Gentle Reminder


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