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The Skills that Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Strategy Driven

Teamwork/leadership. One of the top skills required by all those starting a business is leadership and teamwork. Keeping a detailed diary and using all the software at your disposal, such as Gantt charts and Workflow spreadsheets, will keep you on the ball and avoid you missing any critical meetings.

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Flexible With People and Rigid With Timelines

The Recovering Engineer

Many of them focused on the checklists, charts, graphs, and planning tools necessary to plan and track project progress and milestone completion. I have used task lists and planning tools that include PERT and Gantt charts. I have worked in Microsoft Project.


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Adding Value: A Gentle Reminder


Track value delivered, when you tracked through the Gantt Chart? But did you keep that in perspective constantly while executing? Critically evaluate “earned value” for the stakeholders? Make stakeholder’s world a bit better in any way? Check out #4 there! Best, Tanmay Other Links to this Post RSS feed for comments on this post.

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Managing a Remote Team: 12 Best Practices for Better Productivity

Strategy Driven

Tools with built-in scheduling charts, such as Gantt charts, help estimate the amount of time needed per task, send out automated reminders, whether as calendar or email reminders on desktops or smart devices, as well as automatically adjust the timeline to account for early completions or delays. No related articles.

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