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Why do some talented executives fail?

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In their book, Maximum Success: Changing the Twelve Behavior Patterns That Keep You From Getting Ahead , James Waldroop and Timothy Butler identify twelve behavior patterns--what they call "Achilles' heels" — that can harm, or seriously hinder, a person's career development. In a world overpopulated with enormous egos, 40-year old Paul seemed to be an anomaly," begins the first of Waldroop and Butler's twelve case studies. "He Source: James Waldroop; Ph.D.,

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Make Work Meaningful for Your Freelancers, Too

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based software developer, focused on affiliation and the importance of feeling part of a community: “The meaningfulness of a project for me comes down to sharing in the product owner’s objective and success. The concept, introduced by Timothy Butler and James Waldroop, allows people to make small changes to a role or assignment to better tap into an individual’s skills, experiences, or work preferences so that they stay engaged. Suparat Malipoom/EyeEm/Getty Images.