A Four-wheel-drive Diamond in the Rough Leadership Model

Great Leadership By Dan

The following guest post is from James Clawson , one of those external instructors we partner with in a program we’re doing for a global, Fortune 500 client called “Change Leadership”. In fact, I’m thrilled to introduce a series of posts from Professor Clawson on the topics of change, which has been kind of a recent theme on Great Leadership. Theories of leadership abound to the point of confusion. But personal characteristics are not the end of the leadership story.

Why Leaders Are Still So Hesitant to Invest in New Business Models

Harvard Business

Consider the dramatic shift in the types of assets that create market value. According to Ocean Tomo, a consulting firm focused on intellectual capital, physical assets (plant, property, and equipment) made up more than 80% of the market value of the S&P 500 in 1975. Today, the majority of market value is made up of intangible assets (networks, platforms, intellectual property, customer relationships, big data) more than physical assets.