Compliance And Risk Management In Today's Business World

Eric Jacobson

Dave Yarin is a compliance and risk management consultant to senior management and directors of large and mid-size companies, and author of the soon to be published book, Fair Warning – The Information Within. Compliance Dave Yarin Fair Warning Leadership Risk Management

Why Our Trust in Banks Hasn’t Been Restored

Harvard Business Review

To address this concern, banks have been hiring an increasing number of compliance officers. For example, JP Morgan has hired an additional 13,000 people in the area of compliance since 2012. Banks might be better served by focusing less on compliance and more on benevolence.

Social Media Compliance Isn't Fun, But It's Necessary

Harvard Business Review

For highly regulated sectors like finance, social media can be a legal minefield. Firms can be held liable for tweets fired off from an employee's iPhone, outside the office, and after working hours. Go to LinkedIn and do a search for people currently employed by your enterprise," says social compliance strategist and financial industry veteran Mike Langford. without any compliance process or technology in place.".