How To Make Two Key Contradictions of Leadership Work For You

Terry Starbucker

That moment when all of what you’ve put into your leadership comes to fruition. All that vision, all that inspiration, all that process, all that teaching, all that alignment, all that mission statement – all that everything – comes into play right then and there. There must be centralization to deliver decentralization. Then there is the really “bizarro&# contradiction of centralization/decentralization. Leadership

Transforming a Management System – A Case Study From the Madison Wisconsin Police Department

Curious Cat

This post in an excerpt from The Quality Leadership Workbook for Police by Chief David Couper and Captain Sabine Lobitz ( buy via Amazon ). The New Quality Leadership Workbook for Police. Step 1: Educate and inform everyone in the organization about the vision, the goals, and Quality Leadership. Form another employee council to work through problems and barriers encountered during implementation of the transformation and Quality Leadership.

3 Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Platform Business Model

Harvard Business

Avon’s platform is more than makeup; it’s actually a decentralized economic empowerment model for women with product flowing through the platform as the object for connection. All too often, blunt answers include employees or customer personas, but leadership must push beyond these expected labels. Shared purpose extends beyond a mission statement and transcends market shifts.