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Strategy Is About Both Resources and Positioning

Harvard Business Review

Anyone taking the time to delve into the literature of strategy quickly realizes that there are two fiercely opposed camps. In the red corner we have the “ positioning school ” (TPS) and in the white we have the “ resource-based view of the firm ” (RBV). Strategies for staying ahead. The main (though not only) criticism it levels at TPS is that for positioning to work, market structures have to be stable—and they are not.


When a Spinoff Makes Strategic Sense

Harvard Business Review

Yet although the lay observer can understand the reasons for these corporate break-ups, the frameworks and ideas that underpin strategy theory are actually pretty unhelpful when considering whether or not to initiate a break-up. Let’s look at our current dominant strategy theory: the Resource-Based View or RBV, closely associated with Jay Barney. So how does RBV explain the decision to split the company into two? So it is hard to explain this decision using the RBV.