Sat.Feb 10, 2024

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Employee Reskilling Is The Answer to the Talent Shortages At Work

HR Digest

The need for reskilling and upskilling in the working environment has been at the forefront of many HR conversations and employee reskilling especially is likely to require considerable investments in the upcoming years. While keeping up with changing times has always been a necessary consideration regardless of the industry, the rapid upsurge of technology recently has really highlighted the need for reskilling programs in order to understand how to do a job you might have been doing for years

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How To Build A World-Class Workplace Culture

Eric Jacobson

“When it comes to culture, one of the most glaring issues is that far too many leaders do not recognize it as one of their greatest competitive advantages,” says Matt Mayberry , author of the new book, Culture Is The Way. Mayberry, former linebacker for the Chicago Bears and now keynote speaker and global expert in leadership development, culture change, and organizational performance, took the lessons he learned on the field and in the locker room straight to the boardroom.

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13 Things that Make Organizations Extraordinary

Mark Sanborn

Over two decades of research and observations have revealed the key factors that enable the best organizations to succeed and dominate. I’ve condensed this research into what I call the “Lucky 13” (I’m not superstitious): critical elements that set apart leading companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. 1. Adaptability and Agility The 2008 financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic have tested organizations’ resilience.