8 Leading Areas for Change In Risk Management/Analysis In The Coming Years

Strategy Driven

Bottom-line performance is a vital aspect of any business. Managers and people in higher positions, in general, are always looking for ways to improve bottom-line operations and minimize the risks. More Precise Risk Models. Interconnectedness and Collective Risk Management.

What Uber’s China Deal Says About the Limits of Platforms

Harvard Business

“Platforms” as a business concept have been traced back as far as 500 years , but the surge in their popularity is much more recent and reflects in no small measure their eye-popping valuations. One specific manifestation of the interest in platforms has to do with the notion that, as a business model, they represent a silver bullet for all the time and treasure that globalization takes. Are there really global network economies?

Business School Professors Should Be Like Movie Directors

Harvard Business Review

As business school professors, we always ask ourselves why we are needed. Among the professions that were said to be safe from automation (for the moment) are those that require human interaction and emotive and social competencies, such as management; those that rely on craft mastery, such as recreational therapists and actors; and those that involve understanding complex systems of human and institutional interaction, such as economists. Business education