A Refresher on Debt-to-Equity Ratio

Harvard Business Review

When people hear “debt” they usually think of something to avoid — credit card bills and high interests rates, maybe even bankruptcy. But when you’re running a business, debt isn’t all bad. In fact, analysts and investors want companies to use debt smartly to fund their businesses. That’s where the debt-to-equity ratio comes in. What is the debt-to-equity ratio?

Why Financial Acumen Is More Important Than You Think

Niagara Institute

You are thrilled to be in this new role and faced with new responsibilities outside of the functional job you once excelled in. The informal chit-chat quickly changes to talking about the health of the organization and financial reports start circulating. Career Growth Self Developmen


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The Microfinance Contagion Scenario

Harvard Business Review

That's not to say it's likely, but it is certainly possible and a threat that social investors of all stripes should be thinking about how to defuse. Although the situation in AP remains fluid, one thing hasn't changed over the last few months: repayment rates have fallen to about 10%. A large exposure to AP with its abysmal repayment rates is an existential crisis for MFIs in India. Losses in AP will overwhelm many institutions' equity cushion.

VC Stereotypes About Men and Women Aren’t Supported by Performance Data

Harvard Business

According to our research , the answer is “not necessarily.” These stereotypical notions, which cast men as having traits better suited to starting successful companies, don’t hold up when compared with venture performance data from annual reports. This percentage is remarkable because Swedish government venture capitalists must adhere to national and European equality regulations when granting financing to entrepreneurs.

End the Religion of ROE

Harvard Business Review

Return-on-equity hurdles threaten them all. We think there's more to business success — and that something as straightforward as a simple equation could put capitalism on a better path. To an extent not widely recognized, it was an equation in the first place that gave ROE the power to dominate not just investment decisions, but an entire business culture. A hundred years ago, the focus on squeezing every drop of return out of equity capital made great sense.

ROE 12