Sat.May 11, 2024

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ASO App Optimization: Features and Benefits

Strategy Driven

App Store Optimization (ASO) is an adaptation of mobile apps for marketplaces. With ASO optimization, you can increase the visibility and attractiveness of your product to your target audience and potential customers. The result will be a significant increase in app downloads, more users, a growing loyal audience, and increased revenue. ASO optimization consists of many different tools.

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10 Essential Life Lessons for Aspiring Leaders

Skip Prichard

Life Lessons Life throws us countless chances to lead. Sometimes we’re out in front; other times, we’re the silent force behind a success. Each moment, each challenge, teaches us. Who are we? How do we shape our world? Here are ten life lessons for those who lead—or aspire to. They touch every slice of life, from quiet moments alone to the triumphs we share with a team.


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Consider a Garden Leave Policy as a Replacement for Your Noncompetes

HR Digest

A garden leave policy is standard at many high-profile organizations but they are not as common as non-compete clauses. Considering that non-compete clauses are going out of fashion both socially and legally, garden leave regulations are a useful alternative for businesses that see the need to safeguard company secrets when an employee leaves. HRDive believes that these policies could see great value as noncompete alternatives and we’re inclined to agree.

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Expectancy Theory Of Motivation In The Workplace: What Motivates Employees?

Niagara Institute

Motivation is the driving force behind employee performance and productivity in any organization. Understanding employee motivation can lead to a more engaged and satisfied workforce. In fact, a study by the Hay Group foun d that engaged employees can generate 43% more revenue. One theory that explains employee motivation, which leads to more engagement in teamwork and enhances overall productivity, is Vroom's Expectancy Theory of Motivation.

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New DOL Final Overtime Rules: Quickstart Guide for Employers

There’s a new overtime salary threshold that will impact employers across the country. If you have an employee making less than $43,888 on July 1 or less than $58,656 on January 1, you’re going to have to start paying overtime. Download Paycor’s guide to learn: Which groups of employees are affected? How should you classify employees? Best ways to mitigate risk.