Procurement's Best-Priced Deal May Stifle Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Every single innovation conversation I've had recently with business unit leaders, product managers and/or marketing executives invariably focuses on the importance of partnership and collaboration with their best suppliers and vendors. If anything, they wish their suppliers came forward with even more actionable and innovative ideas. In other words, innovation occurs when we bypass or disintermediate procurement. Innovation Operations Organizational culture

How I Learned the Hard Way That Aging Technology Is Expensive

Harvard Business Review

Then the family's CFO, my wife, who also happens to be a CPA, demanded to know their TCO. Companies love to stretch out their investments in existing technology as long as possible, a policy whose faulty logic I recently rediscovered in my role as CIO. As chief information officer of my family, I had purchased two used 333 MHz iMac G3s with 160MB of RAM in Bondi blue for my children to play games on. Actually, "used" doesn't quite convey it: They cost $29 each.

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