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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm on…Partnering not Patronizing

The Practical Leader

” Raj Sisodia, Jag Sheth and David B. . “Firms of Endearment leaders view stakeholders as partners, not as objects of exploitation or means to their financial ends. They don’t objectify stakeholders. Instead, they encourage stakeholders to collaborate with them in moving their companies forward.”

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Quotes to Note on Purposeful Leadership

The Practical Leader

” Rajendra Sisodia, Jagdish N Sheth, and David Wolfe, Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose. Quite simply, an FoE is a company that endears itself to stakeholders by bringing the interests of all stakeholder groups into strategic alignment.

Sheth 81

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Customer Disloyalty and Business as We Shift Toward Subjectivity

First Friday Book Synopsis

Sheth is about a lot of things, especially the power of passion and purpose in business. I had three different people recommend a book to me last week. The book, Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose by Rajendra S. Sisodia, David B. Wolfe, and Jagdish N. But it is also [.].

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How to set the right context to add more power to your story

Rajesh Setty

That young professional is Rajul Sheth, now the head table tennis coach at ICC ( interview link ) and the serial entrepreneur is Anil Godhwani ( interview link ) who is one of the founders of ICC. Soon they both decide to bring table tennis in a big way to the valley and rope in people like Steve Westley (former Controller of California).

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