Assess Your CEO’s Strategic Fit Over Time

Harvard Business Review

If you’re involved in CEO selection, this requires that you both hire the right CEO and understand when the company’s strategic situation suggests that a different CEO is more likely to win. Ballmer had done his job, but the strategic needs of the organization had shifted.

Microsoft’s Next CEO: How the Board Can Get It Right

Harvard Business Review

This brings the advantages of holding off on anointing an internal executive who may not be quite ready—but at the same time retaining the top contestants and allowing for a strategic redirection. They are less likely to hand-off the process to a search firm, more likely to make company strategy the first criterion in narrowing the field, and more likely to discern who would constitute the best strategic fit.

How Microsoft Avoided the Peter Principle with Nadella

Harvard Business Review

The projects all touched on areas of great strategic concern to the company, and the directors required each of the candidates to report their appraisals and plans to the board. Or consider managed-health care provider Humana’s decision in 2013 to recruit an outsider as its next chief executive.

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