Sun.Mar 31, 2024

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LeadershipNow 140: March 2024 Compilation

Leading Blog

Here is a selection of Posts from March 2024 that you will want to check out: Honor Converts by @jamesstrock Progress Results When Persuasion Overcomes Do You Want To Be Liked or Loved? by @MLombardiNFL via @TheDaily_Coach How to Offer Feedback in a Fragile World by Tim Elmore @GrowingLeaders The Culture of Work: Beyond the Paycheck by @toddordal Introduction to The Manager's Journey by @artpetty The Parallels Between The Hero’s Journey and The Manager’s Journey Are Strong It's Not A Big Sacrifi

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Nostalgia Works Online For Businesses

The Horizons Tracker

Nostalgia is a common feature of modern advertising. Research from the University of Michigan suggests that this is a potent strategy, as nostalgic social media content can drive high levels of engagement for businesses. The author trawled through nearly 65,000 Instagram posts from the NFL. She divided users into either NFL fans or more general social media users and found that nostalgic posts were far more likely to entice general social media users, whereas NFL devotees were more drawn to info


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Pain-Free Is Key: Tips for Managing Underperforming Employees

HR Digest

Imagine a situation where you’re tasked with managing underperforming employees but you don’t want to scare them away by calling them out. So, you choose to avoid bringing it up directly. At first you let them be, assuming that things will improve later on. Nothing changes and you realize you might have to take action. You start monitoring their work more heavily and ask other workers to start helping the underperforming employee without making it obvious.

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Research Explores The Career Pathways Women Take In Software Development

The Horizons Tracker

In the academic year 2021/2022 in Spain, a report from the Ministry of Education revealed that there were very few women studying Computer Engineering. Only 14.1% of the students in this program were women. This isn’t surprising because women are often not well-represented in science and technology fields. But what happens once women are in the classroom?

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How to Build the Ideal HR Team

HR doesn’t exist in a vacuum. This work impacts everyone: from the C-Suite to your newest hire. It also drives results. Learn how to make it all happen in Paycor’s latest guide.