Ford's Impressive Sustainability Strategy

Harvard Business Review

The hybrid Prius was a legitimate business home run (2 million sold), and it helped both differentiate Toyota's brand as the market innovator and propel Toyota to unprecedented profits. Given those science-based plans, Ford is investing in the long-term — the sexy, new EV market that everyone is going after — and rolling out a series of efficiency technologies in the existing, combustion-engine fleet. For years, Toyota has been the darling of the green business world.

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Corporations Will Never Solve Climate Change

Harvard Business Review

A recent UK report argued against the efficacy of voluntary measures, but the presence of 400 ppm CO 2 in the atmosphere should be enough to prove the point. The market-mechanisms that were thought to be a business-friendly way to cap emissions have failed too — in Europe in large part because they were de-fanged by the business lobby and in the U.S.

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