The 10 Elements of Positive Performance Management

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from John Mattone: The fundamental belief underlying Positive Performance Management (PPM) is this: Leaders and their employees must strive to make performance reviews complete, honest, and timely.

Managing Results by Defining “Deliverables” Early On


Bonus: QAspire Blog was recently featured on Community of Program and Project Managers (PPM Community).

PPM 147

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A Round Up of My Writing in August 2010


QAspire Blog was recently featured on Community of Program and Project Managers (PPM Community). Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer A Round Up of My Writing in August 2010 August 2010 came to an end, and once again, I didn’t quite notice it in frenzy of everything going around.

PPM 126

The First 90 Days in a New CIO Position

Harvard Business Review

In today''s complex and increasingly heterogeneous technology environment, it is also critical to integrate a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) strategy that aligns project lifecycles from concept through development and finally to support and continuous enhancement.

PPM 16

Research: Stale Office Air Is Making You Less Productive

Harvard Business Review

Last, we tested three levels of carbon dioxide (CO 2) in the air: low levels (600 parts per million) that result from high ventilation rates, a typical level seen in many offices (950 ppm), and higher levels that are commonly encountered in U.S. schools (1400 ppm). How often do you consider the air quality in your office and how it affects employees and their productivity? Chances are it’s not often.

PPM 12

Ford's Impressive Sustainability Strategy

Harvard Business Review

Ford's in-house climate scientists - yes, you heard that right — have bought into an important global scientific consensus: humanity must keep CO2 levels in the atmosphere below 450 parts per million to reduce the odds of catastrophic, species-threatening climate change (many leading scientists have since lowered the goal to 350 ppm — and we've already hit 390 ppm ). For years, Toyota has been the darling of the green business world.

PPM 14

Corporations Will Never Solve Climate Change

Harvard Business Review

A recent UK report argued against the efficacy of voluntary measures, but the presence of 400 ppm CO 2 in the atmosphere should be enough to prove the point.

PPM 16