015: How to Deal with Resistance to Change | Featuring Megan Burns

Engaging Leader

Guest Megan Burns is a consultant, speaker, & managing director of Operations Strategy Consulting. In this episode, Jesse and Megan discuss continuous improvement and how to handle resistance to change. Together they explore the following questions: We hear that people are naturally resistant to change. What are the different types of resistance to change that leaders often face? How can you minimize resistance from the outset? ©iStockphoto.com/AnsonLu.

Before a Merger, Consider Company Cultures Along with Financials

Harvard Business Review

Understanding the cultural dynamics of the acquired organization, including how they operate, the manner in which they develop their talent, how are they motivated to succeed, and their executive management decision making style. Doing a stakeholder analysis to understand the additional challenges from political, regulatory, union, and community sources to be expected in the wake of a merger.