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Change with Confidence

Leading Blog

Change with Confidence by Phil Buckley is a great handbook for working through a big change project. Not surprisingly, the first question considered is "What do I bring to the project?" Knowing the answer helps you bring confidence and resolve to the change project. Importantly, Buckley also deals with questions such as, "How do I manage my day job, change project and life?"

Current Method / Better Way Matrix Team Building Activity

Mike Cardus

Team Project tool to create shared language of progress & regress. Can break inertia (stuckness) in how your project team operates. The team facilitator I recommend the team leader / Project Manager documents the responses on flipchart paper.

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28 Leadership Development Recommendations for your Individual Development Plan

Great Leadership By Dan

John Hunter , from Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog , says “ One item I think every leader should have in their IDP is to continue to improve coaching their staff. One book, I would have anyone who worked for me read is the Leader''s Handbook.

4 Questions with Brad Lomenick about “The Catalyst Leader”

Ron Edmondson

It’s a practical guide for leading now, and leading well, serving as a leadership handbook for the next generation of leaders in our country. We wanted to create a leadership guide, the “ultimate” handbook on influence. I have loved working with Catalyst over the last few years.

Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are

Harvard Business Review

seem like they''re lifted from the Worst Case Scenario Handbook , there seems to be a constant exchange, even a a one-upping, of just how much we have on our plates when we communicate about our work. Time management We''re all just so "busy" these days. Slammed" in fact. Buried."

QAspire Blog 2012: Essential Posts Redux


This year, I contributed a 23 page chapter in “ The ASTD Management Development Handbook ” published by American Society for Training and Development. In teams and projects, doing what is right (and actually doing it) is more important than proving who is right.

Blog 127

Hiring an Intern? What to Do Before the Summer Starts

Harvard Business Review

As the director of marketing looked at her CEO quizzically, she asked, "you know you need to manage all those interns, right?". If you''re planning to hire an intern (or two or three), here are four things to do before they walk through the door to ensure a successful summer for everyone involved: Choose one or two specific projects. Interns are great for project-based work. Know the difference between being a manager and a mentor. Hiring Managing people

Improve Decision-Making With Help From the Crowd

Harvard Business Review

Most decisions in organizations are made by escalating them up the management hierarchy — and it’s usually the highest paid person in the room’s opinion (“HIPPO”) that prevails. The challenge is finding the right ways to introduce crowdsourcing into your management processes so that it opens up and democratizes decisions, harvesting the accumulated thoughts and perspectives from your customers and across your organization — but without bogging things down.