Sun.Apr 14, 2024

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: A Strategic Blueprint for Professional Success.

Rich Gee Group

"Stop renting space in your head to imposter syndrome; it's time to evict doubt and let Moxie sign the lease to your success!" Imposter syndrome—a psychological phenomenon in which individuals doubt their accomplishments and harbor a persistent fear of being exposed to fraud—is a formidable obstacle that many professionals face, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds.

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Connected Leadership: Learn These Things About Those You Lead | #LeadMorale

Kate Nasser

Connected Leadership: When you learn these things about those you lead/manage, you lead morale & success. Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Author of Leading Morale. The post Connected Leadership: Learn These Things About Those You Lead | #LeadMorale appeared first on

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Negative Personalities Can Help Entrepreneurs (To A Point)

The Horizons Tracker

Entrepreneurs are often portrayed as bending the world through sheer force of will. While such personalities can be beneficial, they also have a dark side, with the likes of Elizabeth Holmes demonstrating how it can lead entrepreneurs astray. Research from USC recently focused on three particular negative personality traits – Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy – to understand their role in entrepreneurship.

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Tackling Sensitive Issues: How to Talk to an Employee About Body Odor

HR Digest

Addressing sensitive issues like how to talk to an employee about body odor requires tact and understanding. It’s crucial for maintaining a professional and comfortable workplace environment, yet many managers struggle with how to approach this delicate subject. This article offers guidance on preparing for how to approach someone about body odor, which involves conducting these conversations carefully, dealing with an employee with body odor effectively while being empathetic, and ensurin

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New DOL Final Overtime Rules: Quickstart Guide for Employers

There’s a new overtime salary threshold that will impact employers across the country. If you have an employee making less than $43,888 on July 1 or less than $58,656 on January 1, you’re going to have to start paying overtime. Download Paycor’s guide to learn: Which groups of employees are affected? How should you classify employees? Best ways to mitigate risk.

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How To Boost Cooperation Online

The Horizons Tracker

Whether it’s chatting in the break room, hitting the trails, or sharing thoughts on Yelp, some folks make an effort to make things better. Then some don’t pitch in at all. New research from the University of California, Davis, looked into encouraging people to contribute to a virtual public good. Think of it like a simulated online rating system for a ferry service.

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