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A Non-Profit Board’s AHA Moment

Lead Change Blog

We acknowledge that we need to continually lead more efficiently on initiatives while mentoring new people to join us. We need internal benchmarks and a leadership scorecard for our leadership team. In the past two months, we cemented our foundation and are ready to introduce the “new” organization to the community.

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Talent Pool Development and Mentor Training Process

Mike Cardus

Internal benchmarking of existing talents based upon determined potential; skilled-knowledge, complexity-management; value of the work. Using this benchmark to determine based upon above what skills and competencies are needed to be successful in identified future management positions. What are the outcomes?

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How to Finally Kill the Useless, Recurring Meeting

Harvard Business Review

Internal benchmarks. These additions were leading to bigger meetings, more time consumed, and less efficient interactions. Some groups targeted an overall reduction of the time spent in meetings (e.g., 30%), while some kept it more directional, but everyone had something to score themselves against.

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