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The Benchmark That Builds Consulting Businesses

David A Fields

Consultants often look at benchmarks to gauge their recent performance. Those are internal benchmarks. [ Many readers know that I’m 6’1″ tall… if my posture is perfect, I think tall thoughts and I stand on two tins of homemade, coconut dream bars. Is that tall? Short? I only know if I have some sort of standard for comparison. [ ]

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A Non-Profit Board’s AHA Moment

Lead Change Blog

After recently reading Mark Miller’s new book Leaders Made Here about building a leadership culture and developing an internal network of talented leaders ready to jump into a role, I remembered my young management experiences with a bitter smile. We need internal benchmarks and a leadership scorecard for our leadership team. This post is part of our 2017 Team Buzz Builder Guest Blogger Series. Today we are pleased to share a post from Lisa Kosak of Green Thumb Leadership.

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Past, Present, Future Planning Steps Video

Mike Cardus

Internal Benchmarking; Where are you now? Respect for the Past we all have one, so do teams and companies. Acknowledging the Present right here, right now; let’s look at what we have right now and what can be done with it, how can it be changed, what stays the same. Developing Solution Steps for the Future the reason for planning, once number 1 and 2 are agreed upon and shared. Support and commitment to the plan happens.

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Talent Pool Development and Mentor Training Process

Mike Cardus

Developing a purposeful path for increased work accountability and authority of the employees identified as High Potential will develop an internal culture of continuous improvement. Internal benchmarking of existing talents based upon determined potential; skilled-knowledge, complexity-management; value of the work. Using this benchmark to determine based upon above what skills and competencies are needed to be successful in identified future management positions.

Mentor 114
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How to Finally Kill the Useless, Recurring Meeting

Harvard Business Review

Transparent data was also shared with employees so they could see exactly what meeting norms existed across their departments and how they varied from external benchmarks. Internal benchmarks. If you’re a small company, you may be able to get at that with a few internal discussions. We’ve all been part of a bloated weekly meeting.