Portable Office Buildings Provide Everything a Business Needs

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By their very nature, businesses are unpredictable, as a sudden demand for a product or service could arise, thus calling for a quick response. Mezzanine office.

Entrepreneurs Need a Better Way to Cash Out

Harvard Business Review

The most successful, visionary entrepreneurs dream not of millions of dollars, but of a world where their products change culture. There are a nascent but growing community of financial backers, both institutional and individual, who have taken the long view: whose investments look more like mezzanine debt, in the stable case, or like common equity, in the growth case.

How Smart CEOs Use Social Tools to Their Advantage

Harvard Business Review

Tools like Oblong Industries’ Mezzanine can bring multiple streams of data onto HD displays where they can be easily organized, manipulated, and archived into files that can be accessed for later use.