Psychology of Time – The Impact on Your Orientation


Zimbardo’s current research on the psychology of Time Perspective focuses on the ways in which individuals develop temporal orientations that parcel the flow of personal experience into the mental categories, or time zones, of Past, Present, and Future, and also a Transcendental Future (beliefs about a future life after one’s death). How has this work informed the way your organization works today after working with Phil Zimbardo?

Candidate Management During a Crisis

N2Growth Blog

Social psychologist, Philip Zimbardo said, “Situational variables can exert powerful influences over human behavior, more so that we recognize or acknowledge.” With such paradigm-shifting variables like those associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, we must identify changes in how we think and operate , and similarly how candidates interact with our search processes. I am no stranger to the challenges of candidate management during a crisis.

Crisis 165

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Can We Reverse The Stanford Prison Experiment?

Harvard Business Review

When I met for lunch with Dr. Phil Zimbardo , the former president of the American Psychological Association, I knew him primarily as the mastermind behind The Stanford Prison Experiment. In the summer of 1971, Zimbardo took healthy Stanford students, gave them roles as either guards or inmates, and placed them in a makeshift prison in the basement of Stanford University. I asked Zimbardo, "Can you reverse the Stanford Prison Experiment?".

Maintaining Physical, Social and Mental Fitness for Peak Performance

Harvard Business Review

Too often, we must operate in a multi-tasking, reactive environment — one in which we are connected virtually around the clock. Physical fitness refers to the keeping the body fit and operating at peak. According to psychologist Philip Zimbardo and colleagues, social fitness refers to an individual's ability to speak and act on ones values in the face of situational pressure. Whatever we give energy to, we give life to.