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The Surprising Power of Business Experiments

Skip Prichard

And, as anyone who closely follows simulation and prototyping tools knows, their use has become pervasive in manufacturing businesses, even though companies still grapple with the integration and management issues I wrote about in 2003. The employee was forbidden to work on the project.

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If You Want Innovation, You Have to Invest in People

Harvard Business Review

As the convergence of digital technologies drives unprecedented levels of change in global marketplaces, it is very much a reality that a company must, as Bill Gates put it, “innovate or die!” In the race for relevance to future customers, the greater a company’s innovation capacity, the greater its chance of success. So how does a firm build its power and agility in innovation? Second, organizations should give their people specific training in innovation.

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Amazon Turned a Flaw into Gold with Advanced Problem-Solving

Harvard Business Review

Several years ago, Amazon was struggling with scaling its e-commerce infrastructure and realizing that many of its internal software projects took too long to implement, a major pain point from a competitive standpoint. For each new project, a team would have to reinvent the wheel.

Even Cement Can Be Special

Harvard Business Review

And where there is differentiation, there can be innovation. Italcementi has achieved this through a co-innovation process with great contemporary architects. Behind each partnership with an archistar, there is always a commissioned landmark project. Commissioned by the Vatican in 1998 and inaugurated in 2003, this project sealed Italcementi''s partnership with the American architect Richard Meier. This project called for cement walls able to filter light.

What Google Glass Reveals About Privacy Fears

Harvard Business Review

Spam e-mails were made illegal by a 2003 federal law, but all that law has done is to provide lifetime employment for lawyers at the Federal Trade Commission. Innovations in Digital and Mobile Marketing An HBR Insight Center. Communication Innovation Politics

Redefining the Patient Experience with Collaborative Care

Harvard Business Review

It began its lean journey in 2003 and has made considerable progress. By 2013, all eight medical-surgical units in the two hospitals had been converted to the collaborative-care model. Follow the Leading Health Care Innovation insight center on Twitter @HBRhealth.

Research: Arab Inventors Make the U.S. More Innovative

Harvard Business

The problem is that to date there has been little work to document the extent of Arab contributions to American innovation. innovation. innovation system, we ran an exercise matching Arabic first names with international patent applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Our approach has been used before, in a study of ethnic innovation in the U.S. In the five-year period from 2009 to 2013, there were 8,786 U.S.